Spells for Getting Rid of Vermin

Someone asked me if I know a spell for getting rid of cockroaches.

I think she meant it facetiously, but… I think I might.


I’m reminded of those Witches’ Bottles:

Take an old pasta sauce jar, or something similar.  Fill it with bent, rusted nails and broken glass, a measure of salt and one or more of boric acid (you can also throw in some baking soda and icing sugar, if you’re inclined – same difference.  But I’d stick with the acid.  I know it works).  Add a live cockroach (if you can, or a dead one, if it’s easier, which it is for a lot of reasons).  Lid the jar.  Seal it with wax.  Mutter at it appropriately (“Get the hell away from me.  Stay the hell out of my house!” works well enough).  Take it far away and bury it.  Ideally somewhere busy, where the passage of feet, bicycles, shopping carts, won’t let it get out again.


Normally, you fill these things with piss, rotting blood, things that repel.  In this case, I think roach poison is more fitting, and more likely to get the point across.


Good luck.


– Meliad the Birch Maiden


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