Supernatural Assistants — On Cosmology and Why I Think My Gods Get Mixed Up in My Life

So, I found a neat question[1] on Charmed, I’m Sure (originally, it was in the comments on this post), and – given current circumstances in my life – I figured I’d take a crack at playing with it.

The question:

Why is it that when you or I have to grow up and be responsible, it’s a spiritual quest with Super Spiritual ramifications? Is it just that we have a spiritual scapegoat? Or is it that we have a Helper, a “Supernatural Assistant” to guide us through what comes to most people anyway?

The way I look at this is, sometimes it’s just Stuff. Stuff happens. Not every major inconvenience is some deity going “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee!” at me.
Honestly, I have a bit of a hate-on for that particular sub-section of New Age Spirituality that tells you that Everything is about You and Your Growth. That thunderstorm? You. The minor tiff with your co-worker? Super You. Arab Spring? Totally All About You.
Drives me fucking nuts.


Sometimes stuff happens that has GOT to be divine intervention because it’s too random-yet-unavoidable, too perfect and yet unpleasant, for it to be anything else.

Stuff like: All of your financial supports falling apart at the same time, only to have an entry into the career you actually want land in your lap.

Which, of course, is not the example that’s weighing most heavily on my mind at this time (This is what’s weighing most heavily on my mind. Hoy).

Sometimes Stuff Happens that, while you’d never in a million years have chosen those Happenings for yourself, and it’s scary as fuck, it’s also being made blindingly clear that You Will Learn From This. Even when you really wish you could just say “NoNoNoNoNo!” and hide under the covers until it goes away, it’s too damn clear that This Is Happening For A Reason (as in: it’s not random chaos[2]).

Also… When Stuff Like This happens – stuff that is really freaky and upsetting for me – and I ask my bowling-ball wielding Goddess, essentially, “Why are you doing this to me?????”
I do actually get answers.

Typically in pretty short order.

Sometimes it’s random cards falling out of my tarot deck in a way that says “this is what you’re going to get if you go through with this” (which… isn’t so much offering me Cookies[3], as pointing out exactly what the carrot is, and why I should step into the Scary even though it’s still fucking Scary).

Other times it’s sudden and significant emotional/mental break-throughs that, as my partner once put it, “let [me] in on the joke”. Like “Oh. That’s why you’re doing this to me. Got it. Huh… Bitch…” Y’know?

So, there’s that.

The other part of Rufus Opus’s question though, has to do with paradigms. Basically: “So, why, when everything feels humongous and overwhelming and scary and all Verily Fuck… it’s the Hands of God/dess/es reaching into [my] special snowflake life, whereas when it’s someone else, it’s… not? What’s with that?”

And, yeah. I think this basically comes down to paradigms. My worldview includes deities. It includes spirits and non-corporeal intelligences and People who have a broader perspective on My Life than I do and who, yet, actually want to have a hand in guiding it.
Which is awesome, if sometimes not ideal-feeling. I’ll take this over the alternative.

Which is what, exactly?

Well, it could be anything – literally. My paradigm is one where, when random scary-yet-probably-educational/growth-inducing stuff starts happening to me, I can look at a Bigger Picture and figure that there’s a reason for it.

I’m not sure if the hard-science/mechanistic paradigm would be able to explain, say, the reason my (open relationship, just to be clear) partner got into a more-significant-than-any-of-us-expected (non-romantic) relationship with a third party – let alone that said relationship is pinging “growth” and “self-understanding/actualizing” areas/buttons for all three of us in some pretty significant ways – in a way that would allow me to accept it or be at least slightly comfortable with it.
Someone else might be able to find all the answers they need through that paradigm, but that someone isn’t me.

So, there it is. I have “supernatural assistants” because I asked for them, because that’s who showed up to fill the void in my nascent cosmology, because their existence – and their corresponding influence on my life and what/who comes into it – help me to make sense of a universe that might, otherwise, just feel like a frightening mess of random chance and cruelty.

So that’s where I’m at on that one.

Cheers, and feel free to weigh in on this in the comments.

Meliad the Birch Maiden

[1] Contributed by Rufus Opus, who blogs over at Head for the Red, fyi.

[2] Non-random Chaos, on the other hand? Yeah, probably. My Goddess of change, luck, transition, and the crossroads? She throws bowling balls at me sometimes – typically when she thinks I’m getting to comfortable and Not Progressing (Fast) Enough.

[3] Cookies being, essentially, lots and lots of a feel-good stuff that you (expect to?) get for doing what actually amounts to fuck-all. I’m cynical. Deal.


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