Iron Pentacle (Part One?)


So I tried doing something like an Iron Pentacle Mediation (as outlined in Evolutionary Witchcraft) last night.

For those who don’t know, the Iron Pentacle is (as far as I understand it, anyway) an energy pentacle that you draw using the points of your body as the points of the star, while pulling energy into those points in the following configuration (which came from Faery Wolf’s post, fyi):

Head = Sex; Left Foot = Pride; Right Hand = Self; Left Hand = Power; Right Foot = Passion... and back to the Head again.

So, as I’m trying to get more in touch with my own sense of power, I figured it would be a good idea for me to try and do this.

Below is more or less how it went:


First thing is: Because of my singing training, I can place energy in my third eye really, really easily. But I don’t think I was Doin’ It Right (Rite?) because it didn’t feel like sex, it felt like singer energy. (Then again, I did get a whole wodge of sex dreams last night, so may be it worked?) In any case, I wasn’t sure if what I was feeling was what I was supposed to be feeling. But there was something there, so I just thought “sex” while I felt it, and hoped for the best.

I can, currently, feel something going on in my Pride foot. Which is interesting because it came more easily this morning than it did last night, when I was trying to get it to light up and it only got a little bit of a pulse going on (pale yellow, not much in the way of brightness).

My Self hand was… present. Dim, but present. It was weird, because I couldn’t get stuff to light up at the same time. It was either I’m lighting up my Power hand or my Self hand or my Pride foot, but not all of them at once. I’m not sure why this is, and if people have thoughts on that, I certainly wouldn’t mind hearing them.

My Power hand was… heavy. Maybe because I’m holding power for someone else, too? Thoughts? Beuler? It lights up brighter than the rest of them, and more easily. This may also be because I’m used to pushing energy through my hands, though. (Although that wouldn’t explain why my Self hand was so much dimmer, if that’s all it was).

My Passion foot was… just not doing anything. Like I’d feel kind of a fizzle and then it’d die down again. And it’d fizzle. And die down again. I don’t know why this is, although gods know I’ve been trying to get my Fire on and, in the process, coming up against a huge degree of fear and Shrinking and such-like, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Moving between the points had its ups and downs, too. Moving between Sex and Pride wasn’t too hard, but moving from Pride, or Self, or Power back to Sex was really difficult. And it just… wasn’t happening between Passion and Sex. (Which is: What? Really? Crap!) And maybe that’s because Passion wasn’t exactly lighting up in the first place. But it felt like I’d be trying to light up Passion and it wouldn’t work (much) so it was like I was making a leap (teleporting?) instead of moving from one point to the next.

I get the feeling that it will get easier to run this stuff with practice, and that I might see the undoing of some emotional/energetic blockages as a result.

I’m hoping that’s the case because, ye gods, I could use the help.

Meliad the Birch Maiden.


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