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Eat the Land, Be the Land

There are a lot of reasons why I’m into seasonal food. Some of them are economical – food that’s in season and locally available tends to be cheaper than the alternatives; some of them are environmentalist – fewer food-miles and all that jazz; and some are… something else.

I’ve posted before about making unexpectedly Holy Day appropriate food just based on what I was cooking with that day. I find that, by using local, seasonal ingredients, I give myself a really easy, little-to-no planning required, way of connecting myself to the land I live on.

As someone living in a downtown apartment with container veggies on the balcony, but no land to actually till, so to speak, my desire to incorporate as much local food into my diet as possible is, in large part, a desire to be made from the land I interact with daily.

I’ve seen the odd post, and read the occasional scholarly article[1] about how the land you’re doing magic (or practicing religion, or both) in/on has a significant effect on how you do your Thing.

And I think this extends to food.
As it stands, I’m trying to do a combination of things. Trying to incorporate the omnivorous diet of my ancestors[2] with the food that grows in and around my city[3] and that, in theory, I’ll eventually be able to get back to growing myself.

My theory – which pretty-much echos the one Starhawk brought up in Earth Path – is that, the more I eat of the food this land, this place, provides, the more a part of it I’ll become.
And I like that plan.

Meliad the Birch Maiden.

[1] Don’t even ask. It was about Sami shamanism, and it was about a decade ago.

[2] Yes, really. A lot of cattle farmers, and the occasional West Marches warlord. We ate mammals as well as beans and fish, y’all.

[3] Although, I admit, I’m frequently willing to stick with “product of Canada” onions and what-not, given my local grocery store’s bizarre preference for importing all their damn produce up from the states. 😛