Daily Archives: October 26, 2011

Soul Experience

Dark Moon, October 26th, 2011[1]

My sweetheart is one of those people (very much unlike me – I’m a total bunker) who can See. She can see spirits and auras and other people’s memories… and she says I’m the newest soul she’s ever met.

She says I give her hope because of it, that all of us who are new to the wheel of living, or possibly the wheel of living as a human, remind people who’ve been around the block umpteen times that there’s a wonder and a joy in trying this out and experiencing like this.

I cried my eyes out when she told me. Everyone else who’d ever picked up on my newness – or not – has always been really dismissive of the New People, and implied (or outright said) that you only have Value once you’ve been around long enough that your soul is giving off green, rather than (to site myself) orange, light.

She told me about a song this morning, a song about reincarnation and the story of it just sounded so sad and so tired and so lonely. I wonder if people qua souls get tired of going around and around and around.

I mean, me? I can’t imagine wanting to stop living, stop experiencing, stop doing all this Cool Stuff. The whole idea of Moksa seems horrible from my perspective. Why would anyone want to stop existing, stop re-meeting everyone you’ve ever loved, stop tasting and touching and those other things our senses afford us? It boggles my mind and breaks my heart that anyone could be so tired of this, so tired of life, that all they want to do is just stop. 😦

Anyway, for the moment, that appears to be where my head is at.

Meliad, the Birch Maiden.

[1] We’ll see how long this experiment of making note of the moons in my blog actually lasts, seeing as this is the first one. But hey, let’s go with it.