Locally-Named Lunar Months

So there’s an Activity that Starhawk[1] recommends in… gods, one of her books (I think it might be The Earth Path: Grounding Your Spirit In The Rhythms Of Nature, but I could be wrong)… She suggests naming the different lunar months in accordance with what’s going on, nature-wise, in your specific area at the time.

So, right now — seeing as we’re just turning into a new moon (how convenient!) — we would be shifting out of Hunter’s Moon[2] and into Frost Moon.

To that end, I’ve cobbled together a list of lunar-months for my area.

Frost Moon (just starting, late October/early November)
Snow Moon (late November/early December)
Long Nights Moon (Late December – big shock about this name, eh?)
Ice Moon (mid/late January)
Hunger Moon (mid/late February[3])
Sugar Moon (mid March)
Flood Moon (mid April)
Flower Moon (mid May[5])
Honey Moon (mid June[6])
Fruit Moon (mid July[7])
Thunder Moon (early/mid August)
Harvest Moon (early/mid September)
Hunter’s Moon (early October)

Voila. My locally-named lunar calendar (more or less).

What would you name the lunar months where you are?

Meliad the Birch Maiden.

[1] I read a lot of starhawk. She’s pretty articulate and, really, goddess-oriented ecopaganism is pretty close in attitude to the kind of stuff I do, so…

[2] Much as I would love-love-love to say that Hunter’s Moon happens around Hallowe’en and the last harvest (meaning the slaughter), the local large-mammal-hunting season has been on for a little while now, but we’ve only just started getting frost on the windows over night.

[3] It feels weird to call it this, since I have access to grocery stores, but — according to my Food Land Ontario chart — there’s not a lot available from in-province at this time, so it seemed to fit. Also, from the perspective of jewelry-making[4]? “Hunger Moon” is a lot niftier-sounding than, say, “Slush Moon” or “Seasonally Depressed, No REALLY Moon”. Although, actually, I can imagine the latter…

[4] The plan is to do a collection of earrings based on these names.

[5] This could be the crocuses and scilla that come up in early May, but it could also be the lilacs and apple blossoms that come out later in the month.

[6] More because the bees are busy than because it’s honey-harvest time. That doesn’t come until early August, or even October, depending on when you harvest your hives.

[7] I’ve picked service-berries on the first of July, but the first beans and raspberries don’t typically show up until just about August, so that’s my reasoning behind calling the moon that covers approximately July “fruit moon”.

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