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Inspiration Everywhere – DIY Food (from the ground up)

Today I’m making bread. It’s currently at the “chef” stage and is about to have oil, salt, egg(s), cream (or milk), and a little bit of flour thrown in all at once in order to get on its way to being a “sponge” (and then, eventually, a dough).

In the other room, my beloved is talking to one of her other partners[1] about the concept of “do no harm” – in the Jain sense, the Buddhist sense, the Pagan sense, and how that concept relates to one’s dietary choices.

I’ve been reading Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal Vegetable Miracle (again), because I love it so, and because – in a year or two (working on a different book right now, thanks) – I want to write a book similar to this one about local food in my (micro) bio-region.
Not surprisingly, I find this book inspiring on a number of levels.

As I may have said here before (although, surprisingly, I can seem to find I post where I stated it in so many words), I dream of having a “little house in the country… in the city”.
I’d happily take up residence on the Experimental Farm (most likely on the Dows Lake side of the Arboretum — although there’d be some judicious tree-felling involved if I were actually to do that) if it meant I could farm (in a small scale way) 2-3 acres of land while still being able to walk to the down-town homes of my friends and extended phamily.

As it stands, I’m making due with the stuff I can grow on my balcony, harvest from local trees, and/or pick up from the (rather appallingly small) Foodland Ontario section of the grocery store. But I have big dreams, my dears and, though it’s surely taking a LOT of tiny steps to get there, I’m on my way to achieving them. 🙂

Meliad the Birch Maiden.

[1] Open relationships for the win! 🙂

Come Hither Offerings and Other Acts of Magic

So I’m reading a book right now called Sub Rosa. I’m reading it because the author is going to feature at the monthly spoken-word/live-lit show I run and I figured that was the excuse I need to go out and buy myself a copy.

Why I’m talking about this here instead of over on the (not nearly as hopping) Voices of Venus blog, however, is because it’s a Magical Realism book. A book that involves magic, parallel worlds and, more to the point, offerings.

In this case, we’re talking offerings of lipstick, earrings, general small-scale trappings of femininity, offered to the patch of street where a group of sex workers make their living.

I think this is really cool. Like slipping five bucks under the welcome-mat of your restaurant or massage parlour to attract good luck and good, recurring, customers; or dropping a toonie into your sugar-canister as come-hither money[1].

In this case, the offerings are meant as both a thank-you and a keep-it-coming to the strip. In my case, this is very much how my offerings work, too. They are both a means of saying Thank You to my household deities and spirits and my ancestors and also a way of saying “FYI, I also could use some help with X, if you can swing it” without just being completely whiny and demanding. Consequently, the offerings made in this novel are resonating with me a little bit.

Anyway. That’s kind of what I’m thinking about just now. Do any of you do offerings or money-magic in your day-to-day lives?

Meliad the Birch Maiden.

[1] Like making a honey-pot, but a little more passive-receptive (as opposed to actively calling) and without all the extra ingredients. If you keep your sugar in a 2kg canister – as opposed to, say, a bag or a bowl – all you do is wait ’til it gets low, drop in the biggest coin available (in Canada, for those reading from abroad, that’s a $2-coin), and then top up your tin with sugar. Add incantations if you so desire. 🙂