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I Put a Spell on You…

I’ve been reading Miss Sugar’s Blog again and, as tends to be the case, it’s got me Thinking About Stuff.
See… I’m a pagan. And a kitchen witch. And a dominant in a 24/7 power exchange relationship where I have pre-obtained permission to do pretty-much Whatever-the-Fuck with/to my submissive (barring certain limits, which are a-okay by me). And I find myself going “Wait a minute… You mean I actually could cast spells on her? For real?” For real.

I’m honestly kind of curious to see if they would work. I mean, the stuff I’ve done for people other than myself have, by the looks of things, worked. As in: They got results. I just don’t know if the results are due more to my spell-craft or more to random coincidences that my clients[1] were able to interpret as “due to my spell-craft” as a result of, basically, placebo effect.
The spells I’ve done for myself, however, tend to work like great gangbusters (huzzah!). So I really don’t know how spell-work on my servant would actually manifest.

Like could I made dinner With Magical Intent and use ingredients that are all geared towards energy boosting and speedy recovery? Could I make a very tiny honey-pot-like charm[2] and stick it in her bedside drawer in order to bring work, or conversely community involvement, to her door?

I mean, part of me is just like “That could be fun!” because I like making nice surprises for people and I like mucking about (magically or otherwise) in the kitchen, so it actually could be fun. But part of me is also going “Okay, I know (of) people who use stuff like voluntary hypnotism in their dynamics in order to foster deeper drops in their submissives so… Why is this any different? Why wouldn’t I be doing this?”

So, yeah. I’ll probably start looking into (and doing) that more in the near future. 🙂
Wish me luck!

Meliad the Birch Maiden

[1] Not the best choice of words. “Client” is a pro term, and I am NOT a professional spell-worker by any stretch of the imagination.

[2] The kind that doesn’t require Care and Feeding, fyi.

Mostly Whining (OR: I Don’t Like Daylight Savings Time)

Okay, so Daylight Savings Time ended this past weekend.
I don’t actually like Daylight Savings Time.

I mean, when it’s happening, I don’t really care. Sun comes up, sun goes down. Whatever. But the twice-yearly jolt and incipient jet-lag that comes from making the switch from DST to Standard Time drives me up the wall.

I wish the rest of Canada could adopt Saskatchewan’s view of things and just not bother with this nonsense.

And, okay, okay, I know. I was working later-than-usual today (afternoon, yes, but a later afternoon due to when my start-time was), which made the “hour earlier” darkness that much heavier.

My heart already aches for light.

Good night to all,
Meliad the Birch Maiden.