Mostly Whining (OR: I Don’t Like Daylight Savings Time)

Okay, so Daylight Savings Time ended this past weekend.
I don’t actually like Daylight Savings Time.

I mean, when it’s happening, I don’t really care. Sun comes up, sun goes down. Whatever. But the twice-yearly jolt and incipient jet-lag that comes from making the switch from DST to Standard Time drives me up the wall.

I wish the rest of Canada could adopt Saskatchewan’s view of things and just not bother with this nonsense.

And, okay, okay, I know. I was working later-than-usual today (afternoon, yes, but a later afternoon due to when my start-time was), which made the “hour earlier” darkness that much heavier.

My heart already aches for light.

Good night to all,
Meliad the Birch Maiden.


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