Returning to Root Time

It’s that time of year again.
We’ve passed the threshold and are now moving deeper in to the “root” side of the year. We got our first snow (didn’t stick around, but just wait for it) yesterday, no less.

When I say “Root Time”, I mean it in a couple of different ways. I mean, on the one hand, we’re going to be eating a lot of root veggies for the next six months – bring on the beets, celeriac[1], heimischer[2], sunchokes, and salsify[3] – so there’s that.

But it’s also the time of year when we, like the perennials and the bears, hunker down, live off our stores, and turn inward towards our dreams.

Winter is a great time for planning, rehashing, and taking stock.

What do you have left to do as we head towards Winter Solstice and secular New Year’s? What have you accomplished, harvested, and put by over the course of the expansive, fruitful time we’ve just been through?

I’ve increased the number of clients, and frequency of gigs, I have as a model; published a poem (only one, but still); collared my partner and started making a home with her; brought a nationally renowned award-winning author to the stage of my poetry show; learned how to make pickles, jelly, cranberry curd, and chutney; made a functioning Honey Pot; and gotten better at reading tarot cards.

What about you? šŸ™‚

Meliad the Birch Maiden.

[1] Celery root (om nom nom)

[2] Parsley root (looks like a really pale parsnip, tastes… nutty?)

[3] Looks like a black carrot, tastes a bit like oysters. Who knew?

3 responses to “Returning to Root Time

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