Daily Archives: November 20, 2011

Honey Pots – The Continuing Saga

So I’m kind of a fan of bottle spells. They’re quick, they’re simple, they keep on going and going. It’s good.

I have a honey pot on one of my altars that I light up every now and then[1], and which continues to work. YAY! I’m currently looking at doing up a couple of come-hither spells. They’re essentially the same as a honey-pot — jar + ingredients + candles/incense + Intent — but a little more specific in terms of an end-goal.

For example, my partner is looking to go back into business for herself, and I’m looking to do up a bottle spell that’ll bring enthusiastic and reliable clients to her on a regular basis.

For a customizable “bring me clients/customers” bottle spell, I would suggest:

honey (required — sweetens any deal)
hair of the person who is seeking clients/customers
cedar, copper pennies, and black pepper for money and protection
rolled oats for abundance
a few things that are relevant to the person’s business[2].

I find it also helps to include a written statement of exactly what you’re looking for, just to make sure everything is clear (both inside the bottle and, more to the point, in your own head. It’s a good way to focus your Intent).

Seal the bottle with wax and have the person-in-question light candles on the lid of it, ideally regularly, while getting their act together and going about their business.

In theory, at least, it should work. 🙂

Meliad the Birch Maiden.

[1] Which, I gather, is poor practice, as the candle offering is what feeds the spell and gives it its juice. Far better to run it regularly than to “save it for emergencies” only to find out that, effectively, there’s no gas in the tank, right?

[2] For example, I might include a house-key and a cupboard door-pull for someone who was offering custom kitchens;
A vanilla bean, some massage/olive oil, and a few drops of red glitter nail polish for someone who was looking for salon (or, heck, foot-fetish) clients;
A folded up piece of sheet music plus a few coffee beans for a pro musician looking for more paid gigs at coffee houses.