Daily Archives: December 1, 2011

In the bleak end of December…

This is kind of a fly-by posting before running off to work (I love modeling – it makes for an interesting schedule, and I actually get to work my body. YAY!) for the afternoon.

The last week and a half of December are rapidly filling up with family of various kinds. It’s always a crush at this time of year and it doesn’t make things easier when we’re combining chosen phamily (in multiple cities), with family-of-origin (for both of us, including out-of-town family… for both of us) and trying to work around four or more schedules just to get things sorted.

I’m tired already, and I’m looking down the barel of DIY Xmas (what my family of origin does[1]) and my annual Solstice Shindig, and wondering where I will find the time to make All The Food AND make All The Presents at the same time. O.O

I may end up doing red-wine picked turnips after all, because I’m going to need to up the gift-baskets this year and, while I’m not up to making Kim Chi, pickled winter veggies are basically my option at this point.

Ladies preserve me. O.O

Stay tuned. I’ll be posting some of my Solstice Carols (in solfeg, so bear with me) in the coming weeks, as well as some fairly dessert-y recipes, many of which involve pomegranates and, thus, through the seasonal-local eating thing right out the window.

Right now, I’m off and running. O.O

Meliad the Birch Maiden.

[1] It is, at one and the same time, both really fun and really stressful. How do you make (or scrounge – second-hand is okay, thank the gods) something, for $10 or less, that will appeal to a twelve-year-old, highly competitive sports-nut? :-\ I’m suspecting that we’ll be hitting a second hand sports store and looking for cross-country skis or similar. Wish us luck!