New Year, New You – Goals


So I’ve signed up to be part of Miss Sugar’s New Year, New You project.

I feel rather like she does, in her post. Like this is jumping the gun and starting things too early.

Lately (and that really is only the last two years, although the last two years have been pretty monumental in terms of relationships, career-building, and general self-actualization, so…) lately, February has been the Time of Big Changes Getting Started for me. It’s when things started Getting Serious between me and Ghost (my life partner).

February is turning into a Big Changes time for me. It was February 2010 when things started Getting Serious with the woman who is now my life-partner (and my property) and, additionally, when I made my first big go at getting self-employed. February 2011 was when Ghost and I started talking collars, and when I actively went from “self-employed while looking desperately for another temp job” to “self-employed, dammit!” As it stands, while I’m still working a temp-job part-time, I’ve also spent most of 2011 self-employed, making my living (my living) by writing, modeling, crafting, running a poetry show, and – as of September – doing health outreach for the local Rainbow Community.
This is a HUGE deal for me.
For the longest time, my worldview basically went “there is no security unless you have a Government Job”. Which, of course, is garbage (although they do have a very nice pension plan, I can acknowledge that one). So the fact that I can, and do, keep myself alive[1] by being a creative queer chick is… pretty magical in and of itself.

So my goal, my goal for this New Year New You project, is actually to affect more of the same. To pull together more (successful/viable) income streams that actually reflect who I am and enrich me in some way, and to build on the ones I already have. Part of me is getting all “Money? Is that really what this is going to be about?” but… Okay, I can say “It’s about money,” sure. But what is money? It’s a means to many ends. Ends like a little bit of stability and security for me and my girl. Ends like the tiny house with the yard full of fruit trees and the really, really, really local eating. But it’s also about all that “follow your bliss” stuff.

There’s this guy you might know, who talks about life down the rabbit hole and how he’s now a fully-immigrated citizen of Palimpsest (no really, you should totally read that book, it’s got myth utterly riddled all through it). And that’s what I want.
And that’s what I want.

I want my LIFE to be this glorious mash-up of art and sex and joy and beauty, I want my LIFE to be built on and fueled by, and in a symbiotic relationship with, pleasure in all its many forms.

And that’s what I want my year of radical, magical transformation to get me to.

So there you go. My goal for the year (and beyond).

Wish me luck! 😀

Meliad the Birch Maiden.

[1] Not much more than that – and gods know, if I didn’t have my Ghost, I’d be in a LOT of trouble if I was still trying to live like this. Having a supportive partner makes a HUGE difference!

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