Daily Archives: December 22, 2011

Date with My Honey-Pots (the Saga Continues)

If this were on my other blog, that title would mean something entirely different…

Yesterday, between starting the root vegetable roast and cleansing the house (I used dragon’s blood), I re-did one honey-pot and made a new one as well.

The one I re-did was the careers-and-cash jar I did about a year ago.

Previously, it had included three different sets of instructions – not necessarily a bad thing, although potentially confusing. I decided that it was time to stream-line the types of income I’m looking for. (Who knows, I may be breading the seal again in a year and adding a new set of instructions, but we’ll see).

What I did with this was:
(A) Open the jar
(B) Take out the instructions (but leave everything else in there)
(C) Put the instructions in my compost[1] with a big thank-you for doing so well
(D) Top up the jar with: basil, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, allspice, crumbled pecans, ground almonds, barley, and a carefully shined-up penny.
(E) Add the new instructions (signed seven times by me, across them, without taking the pen off the paper; and then rolled towards me to roll it up)
(F) Add some of my hair
(G) Cover everything with pomegranate molasses and honey
(H) Re-Seal the jar
(I) Pour beeswax over top of it
(J) Set it on the appropriate altar and light a candle on top of it

The other honey pot I did was a new one, but it followed the same order from (E) onwards. What went into the jar was:
Three cinnamon sticks, three bay leaves, nine whole cloves, nine citrine chips, some ground allspice, slivered hazelnuts, a couple of sprigs of fennel, a little bit of ink (soaked into some paper towel), a thick twist of my hair, and some rosemary. After I added the instructions list, I covered the whole thing with lavender creamed honey and sealed it up.

Now, most of those ingredients (according to my attempts at research, anyway), are related to inspiration and creative work, and a lot of them have “added bang for your buck” worked in there, too. The ink was to encourage my writing, and the citrine chips were used – in addition to their correspondences – because they’re beads and one of my arts is jewelry. The fennel, I gather, encourages people to trust your words. And gods know I need to trust my own words, and my skills there-with, so I thought it was appropriate.

Wish me luck! 🙂

Meliad the Birch Maiden.

[1] Which is just how I roll. I figure any left-over energy/magic in them can now be composted and put towards my new, more specific goals.