Crafting Mission: Accomplished!

So it’s been radio silence for the past couple of days – big suprise. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in celebratory stuff and have been away from the computer. However. Friday’s annual Solstice Shindig went beautifully (a small, but significant, crowd full of people I like who mix well together). There was, as per usual, far too much food. Consequently, my Ghost and I are going to be eating like queens for the next week or so. (Tonight, we’re having shrimp alfredo, for example) and – even without the wine we got as gifts – we should be fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine for wine-with-dinner for the next… 6-8 weeks? So that’s just dandy. 🙂

My relatives liked their gift baskets – spicy peach-apricot chutney, balsamic fig chutney, apple-red-wine jelly (glaze), apple spice jelly (glaze), cranberry curd, pumpkin-seed-butter fudge (the kind you make with condensed milk), Winter Queen cookies, and chocolate-ginger drops, plus vanilla-orange soap and beeswax candles (one per household, granted, but still). It also appears that everybody liked their knit-wear, so YAY! 😀

Current crafty (as opposed to Crafty) projects include: Knitting myself a tam-like hat (it’s going to be purple, and I’m “Navajo-ing” the yarn so that I can do three-strand knitting without having to unravel and re-ravel the ball of yarn before starting).

I also finished a mini-scarft (for the plastic crow we have on our balcony – this is Scarf V.2.0. It’s tied to the railing so, hopefully, we won’t loose this one) and made something like seven pairs of earrings (out of mostly free, recycled-bits-and-bites materials) while loading up my very, very spiffy new beading caddy. But… yeah. I got all my crafting projects done.
Oh, there’s stuff on the horizon. I’ve got a couple of jewelry collections to finish, a LOT of photos to take (which will involve a trip to the storage-locker to find the CD that goes with my digital camera) and, y’know, an Etsy store to get off the ground.
But right this second? Right this second, I’m blessedly free of Must Get Dones. And I’m really enjoying it! 😀

In other news: I now have a (very spiffy) fishing pole to further my angling endevors. How cool is that? 😀

Anyway. That’s my exceedingly speedy update. More later, I’m sure.

Meliad the Birch Maiden.

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