Moderately Random Update (so exciting…)

Snow Moon was full on Saturday, and I’m only getting around to rambling about stuff now.
Not that I’m going to ramble about the moon, exactly, but I figured it was worth noting, regardless.

I have a glorious poet on my couch, working on her show for this evening (or possibly just writing stuff – I do not know), and a variety of beet-centric goodies in the process of cooking.

Borscht (which is beets, potato, red onion, garlic, frozen spinach[1], sweet-pickled red pepper[1], spiced red wine, a splash of red wine vinegar, chili flakes[1], dried dill, and mustard),
A slow-cooked pork shoulder roast[2] being done in the same spiced wine plus a little apple cider (it’s being cooked with beets, potato, cortland apple, red onion, and garlic as well, the idea being that we shall have Pulled Pork in relatively short order).

I was reading a post over at Walking the Hedge and I was fascinated by her divination stuff.
I’m so used to Divination Systems – like tarot or runes or what-have-you – that are standardized. Her casting seems to have been done with divinatory items of personal significance to her. Which makes a lot of sense, really.
I wonder how I would go about creating something like that. (Food for thought, if nothing else).

In other news (because this is such a very, very deep post): I’ve been told that my order has shipped. In theory, I’ll have my copy of To Fly By Night: Craft of the Hedgewitch by the end of the week. There will be a review/discussion of sorts forth-coming but, for now, I’m just all a-flutter with anticipation. A book about contemporary witchcraft that isn’t about WICCA! YAY! 😀

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