Bat inna Jar

So I was visiting a friend-of-a-friend the other day and, on her Bookshelf o’ Neat Stuff[1], I saw that she has a mummified[2] bat in a jar.

As sometimes happens with Stuff Like This[3] it was kind of humming/buzzing at me. The the air got thick or similar. It’s… I’ve read on a couple of blogs (Root and Rock, The Witch of Forest Grove) that (preserved?) Dead Stuff can be talkative.

Now I’m hard of hearing – in the literal sense, yes, but also in the “picking up signals with my not-so-physical ears” sense. So when this happens, my usual reaction is “Huh… That’s… unusual…” followed by backing away slowly. Most things, y’see, don’t get through. Which means that it’s a little disconcerting when something does.

So. Here’s where I’m at:
Something (an incredibly cute flying something with tiny little fingers and a love of fruit… peaches?… and mosquitos) buzzed at me strongly enough for me to heat it.
Now what?
I mean, she(?) is on someone’s shelf. Someone who doesn’t really do “Woo”. So I don’t see myself as *likely* to be going and talking to it/her particularly much. But even if I could… would I?
Because, yes, I’m afraid of not getting an answer. But I’m also afraid of getting one.

I’ve been looking up what Bat-as-metaphor “means” and… zi seems to have a lot in common with the stuff that gets said about Scorpios. Dredging up burried stuff, facing fears, death-and-rebirth stuff, seeing to the heart of things, being aware of patterns, transition, initiation, and change. As well as… luck, sexuality(??) and intuition. (See: here, here, here, and here for where I got my (dubious) information).

Which is… apt given where I’m at in my life and what I want to be doing with my religious/magical practice, my writing, and the continued building of my own multi-layered business.


Given all that, maybe I need to try my hand at meeting and interacting with Bat.

I’ll most likely poke at this a little more and see where I go with it.

Meliad the Birch Maiden.

[1] Not a “wunderkammer”. The gal ain’t steampunk by any stretch of the imagination. Just a bookshelf with stone eggs and blown glass and other nifty bits and pieces on it.

[2] “Mummified” may not be the right word. “Wholely and utterly dried out” would be the right word. But “mummified” is the term she used.

[3] Very Dead Things that are still in one piece and likely to stay that way? Maybe? Not sure if “mammal” is a requirement here but “vertibrate” might be… Don’t know.

5 responses to “Bat inna Jar

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  3. Yr. Friendly Neighborhood Anon

    I’ve been lurking for a bit and thought I’d delurk with things you might like.
    Dead Things do have a bit of a tendency to be talkative in my experience, and it doesn’t have to be the whole entire dead thing or even vertebrate to do it (snail shells, occasionally, have gotten rather pointed at me.)
    My favorite site for correspondences of animals is, and I think the author’s got some bats up. It may be worth checking out further – though I see upstream you already have. *s*

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