What Kind of Magic Do I Do, Anyways? [New Year, New You]

Miss Sugar’s new NYNY prompt is kind of hitting home right now. It’s the eve of February. My time-eating temp contract is OVER, and it’s kind of time to Get On With It now.

I’m dashing this post off in the few minutes I (theoretically) have before my girlfriend gets home and our Celebratory Evening begins. I gotta tell you, as days go, this one has been fucking phenomenal. If my gods are sending me “Yes! This is the right direction! Go-Go-Go! Right Now!” signs… they’re coming through loud and clear. πŸ˜€

I currently have a LOT of candles lit and have done my thank-yous in a couple of ways (candles and insense plus verbal thank-yous with my boiled water offering). It’s been a spectacular day. Lots of good things have happened – everything from “nice little things” like my Omikuji letter turning up to “Mid-Sized Awesome” like having someone express interest in getting me to perform in their womens’ arts festival (actually, that might be more than mid-sized awesome, to tell you the truth), to “Great Big Deals” like some Personal Stuff going totally smoothly that could have been a huge mess and was stressing us both out. So YAY! πŸ˜€ Life is AWESOME! Huzzah! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

But that isn’t really talking about Miss Sugar’s prompt.

So. Onwards.

See, lately – specifically in relation to the New Year New You experiment – I’ve been feeling very, like, “Okaaaaaaaay… So, Meliad, when are you going to, y’know, start Wildly Manifesting Your Most Fabulous Self?” in terms of cranking out the magic and getting the hustle on and so on. And maybe I feel that way because my hustle-level has been pretty high all year long (as compared to previous years) – as of tomorrow morning I celebrate one year of Freelance Everything[1] (also awesome, fyi). Or maybe I feel that way because I don’t (yet?) do Big Magic. At least not what I think of as Big Magic.

Okay, so what is “Big Magic” in my mind?

When I think about it for 30 seconds together, I think “big magic” is either heavy-duty shamanic stuff or it’s “bang spells” a la Ceremonial/Chaos(?) Magic and Sorcery.
It involves Otherworld travel and/or Calling In the Big Guns Gods (frequently under very ritualistic circumstances).

Whereas what I do is Small Magic, which involves talking to my People in my kitchen, thowing stuff together in bottles, reading tarot cards half for the heck-of-it, and pushing energy around in what little ways I can in order to (a) get things kind of shunted where I want them or to (b) send Backup when I can’t be somewhere in person. Which is nothing to sneeze at. But, while I’m upping my frequency, I don’t entirely feel like I’m upping my “game” so to speak. Maybe that’s okay and the frequency thing is fine. But that’s where my line of thought’s been ending up these days.

So. Back to the prompt. Miss Sugar asks us to grit our teeth and push through That Thing that we’ve been avoiding. You know what I’ve been avoiding? Just about everything! Basically, I’ve been putting off jewelry-making (in quantity), as well as doing yoga (again), and getting myself back into Singing Form (and all the business cards and wedding-boutique visits that go with it) by saying “I’ll do it in February”. Once my temp job is over and I’ve got the extra four hours per day to do it in.

Well, February’s here. Time to grit my teeth and do it. O.O

Meliad the Birch Maiden.

[1] And, yes, I totally worked a temp job full time for six weeks and part-time for another three months. And I’m damn glad for the money and it helped a LOT in terms of keeping our heads above water, covering Sols/mas, and getting me O-U-T out of my latest bout of credit-card debt. I still think this totally counts as both an aniversary to be celebrated and a big honkin’ milestone. So there.

3 responses to “What Kind of Magic Do I Do, Anyways? [New Year, New You]

  1. Totally hear you on the small magic front!

  2. I know what you mean about big magic verses small magic, it’s why sometimes I question my own abilities because I do small magic primarily. Feb def seems to be go time!

  3. I think that’s definitely a major milestone. Go you! And good luck getting those hours back, too. πŸ™‚

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