Daily Archives: February 6, 2012

Shoulder to the Grindstone [New Year, New You]

So, further to Miss Sugar’s latest prompt, I finally got off my ass (or onto it, as the case may be) and designed some freaking business cards. I decided to take my friend’s recommendation and go with vistaprint, as they’ll do 250 cards for you for free in exchange for logo space on the back of the card. And free is a lot less expensive (and less work) than DIY on my home printer.
I’m pleased with the design I went with, and I’ve made a point of mentioning “handfasting” and “commitment ceremony” on them. I’ve also started yet another blog (since wordpress is free, I like to write, and Web Presence Is Important).

My business cards should arrive in two weeks. More than enough time to have them set out at the craft-and-business fair I’ll be working in mid-March.

Also on the singing front: I went to city hall yesterday, where they have an interactive sound-sculpture installation. The doors to the gallery were locked, so I stood outside and sang through the crack in the doors. I made the sculpture dance (to my tune, so to speak), and gathered quite the little crowd (it was opening day of Winterlude here – you should have seen everybody with their embroidered mittens and fur hats and general winter-wear finery) in the process.
Go me. 🙂

Anyway. It’s after 11pm, so I’m going to head to bed. Tomorrow is soap-making, singing, and working on what might be the beginnings of a new story.

Meliad the birch Maiden.