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Flowchart of Creating Change

Also, there’s this:

Good ideas, yes? 🙂

Meliad the Birch Maiden

Magical Activism – Advice?

Okay. So, long story short: I’m really distressed by the direction my current government seems to be taking my country, but I don’t know what the fuck to do to stop them. While I’m still doing letter-writing and petition-signing and awareness-raising type activism, it feels somewhat futile given the current balance of power and where the majority-party’s priorities lie.

Consequently, I also find myself turning towards my old Starhawk books and her definition of magic as Changing Consciousness at Will. I don’t know how to cause an egregor (I’m not even totally sure what “egregor” means, honestly) to Stop This, to turn this appalling tide back the way it came and bring about the changes I deeply want. But I find myself turning towards the magic that I know how to work – the stuff that bound up with “women’s work”, with the kitchen and the distaff, and the things I know how to do.

I woke up this morning wondering how I could do a powerful enough banishing spell to get him-and-his-bunch off the hill and well-and-truly gone, while still managing to avoid the blowback that could crop up because of it.
My Ghost suggested that spinning something positive – the mother of all honey-pot spells to empower everyone else and make us stronger, louder, more powerful – instead.

I’ve spent the morning developing a plan BUT I need some help/advice from other spell-workers: How do you rig a spell to get fed with “attention” rather than “light”? I want to do magic-as-guerrila-art-project. Things that can be fed by people looking at them – everything from [noticing the bright colours and shiny bits] all the way to [actively examining the beads, charms, twigs, and such-like that are bound up into the piece(s)] – things that can be fed by the wind playing with them (incorporating bits of metal or wood that make a noise when they get blown together? Bells/chimes?) or things that catch the light, that make humans, crows, the sun, various other jays and corvids, notice them and pay attention.
Can this be done? Is this doable?
Please Advise!