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What Have I Learned [New Year, New You]

So. Miss Sugar’s final (public[1]) prompt for the New Year, New You Experiment is the What Have I Learned prompt.

So. What have I learned?

Hrm. Okay, thing one, I’ve basically confirmed that I don’t like doing Special Stuff every day. I feel guilty about that, but there it is. I’m more likely to spark my altars once every ten days and do light offerings (and honey-pot feeding – more on that shortly) that way than I am (currently) to do water offerings on a daily basis. I feel kind of guilty about that. But I also feel like trying to push myself in a direction that is clearly Not Working (presently) is kind of a waste of energy that I could be directing elsewhere. Like working on my “novel”[1] or tweeting about queer and trans health-related stuff or promoting my poetry show or blogging about my Cosmology, whatever[2]. I’m not thrilled about my lack of stick-to-it-ivness. However, since I’m Sticking To a whole freaking heap of (often scary) other stuff – my Wedding Singer business cards came in the mail yesterday, FYI. They are spiffy and I’m pelased with them – I’m at least slightly willing to cut myself some slack here.

On the plus side, I’ve learned that I make really good[3] honey pots. Which is a serious boost. It’s like, hey, guess what: You are actually capable of doing magical work. That functions. As expected. Rock on! 😀

From this point on… I’m not sure where this is going to go. Miss Sugar’s NYNY Experiment will be conituing outside of the blogosphere (alas, as I quite like blogging about this stuff – I’ll probably keep using the tag for things that relate to my own Radical Transformation, even if I can’t blog about actual Deb-provided topics, be warned), so I don’t know what to expect on that front.

I keep feeling like “Must Get Organized” – which is shorthand for “must tidy workspace so that it’s functional and inviting again” and “must establish a routine that is easy to maintain and includes things like vocal warm-ups and yoga” (both of which are tied together, as doing yoga chez moi involves having enough floor-space in the living room to set up the yoga mat) – needs to be my mantra actual task, because, right now, I don’t feel like I’m there (yet).

It’s funny (sort of) because, this time a year ago, I was just starting my Freelance Everything work, and I had far fewer things on my plate. Writing, yes, and VoV, yes, Spring Fling, yes, modeling, yes (though not nearly as much – go me for getting more clients!) and a little bit of crafting (levels actually remain the same on this, much as I keep trying to up them. Blah). I didn’t have my health outreach job, I didn’t have VERSeFest, I didn’t have a new singing business, and I didn’t have multiple blogs to maintain. And, while the combination of those only adds (so far) about an extra 20hrs/month to my schedule… that’s still and extra 20hrs/month that I need to figure out how to adequately and efficiently work into my day-to-day schedule without getting overwhelmed or in over my head.

Anyway. That’s kind of where I’m at. I’m still not totally sure how to use magic to Radically Transform myself. But, hey. At least I know I can use magic at all. 😉

Meliad the Birch Maiden.

1] We’ll see if I actualy write a novel. It might be a novella or a short story, or it might be some weird thing that never goes anywhere. But I seem to have the beginnings of a plot and characters, so go me. YAY!

[2] Miss Sugar, I swear, I don’t have a clue how you do this. How you work a Nannying job AND craft like fuck AND write enough short stories to actually submit to places. In a timely fashion, no less. O.O I am in awe of you, madame. 🙂

[3] Okay, yes, I’ve only made two of them and, yes, both of them have been for me. But they’re both working. I’ve been getting heaps of modeling work (so far – here’s hoping it keeps up) and, like, see above re: having a the beginnings of a plot and characters for an actual NOVEL. Woohoo! 😀