Daily Archives: March 13, 2012

General Status Update – Magic, Moon Phases, and Gettin’ Things Done

I’ve been looking at my calendar, and I’m finding that a big chunk of the Busy in February and March has all fallen within the span of Maple Sugar Moon. Some of it extends into Leaf Moon – in particular next week’s Rainbow Health Ontario Conference – but most of it’s been contained within this particular lunar cycle.

I suspect it’s just a fluke. (I’d have to monitor things for a fe years to see if there was some kind of a pattern going on that might correspond to the coming of Spring and melt-season, but who knows).

I’ve been working on a bunch of events (some finished, some happening inside of the next ten days, and some still a ways off), and I’ve been semi-neglecting my New Year New You practices. I need to feed my honey pots and light up my altars; need to get my Wedding Singer cards into the freshly re-opened bakery in Little Italy and the bridal shops around downtown; need to take time to write fiction and/or poetry (although taking time to write this blog post is – believe it or not – acutally a step in that direction); need to get back into doing yoga and vocal warm-ups in the mornings (though – what with the glorious spring weather we’ve been having – I have been getting out for a walk every day for the past little while). Generally get back in touch with the “embodied/living/doing art” part of my work/life, rather than focusing (as much) on the “activism/arts organizing” part.

Presently, I’ve got a bathtub full of (cold) water, because they were (allegedly) going to shut down the water today starting at 9am[1]. I’ve also got the patio door cracked open and am letting some of the above-freezing air into the apartment to freshen things up. There may be fresh bedsheets in our future as well. (Gods… I’ve spent the last two days working on a grant application and a safer-sex presentation, and it feels freaking WONDERFUL to be writing about vaguely-cosmology-related stuff that I’m doing around the house! A breath of fresh air in and of itself!)

From an NYNY perspective, I’ve got some potentially awesome and at least marginally lucrative[2] job prospects in the horizon. One’s a one-off almost-sure thing with the (theoretical) potential for further contracts down the line, and the other is… not massively likely but, if it happened, would give me at least a few months (maybe even a year?) of part-time (yay) regular paid work doing a job I’m good at (even if I don’t love it in-and-of-itself) for an organization that I adore and already volunteer for[3].

But there’s more that needs doing – the stuff that *isn’t* the hustle, but that keeps me going, lets me be creative, lets me be in my body and – with any luck – joyfully so. And that stuff’s important.

So that’s where I’m at.

I’ve got turkey in the oven, and I’ll be braising red cabbage in apple juice[4] and doing up some rice for the rest of dinner once my sweetie gets home.

Wish me luck with all my endevors! Spring approaches! YAY! 😀

Meliad the Birch Maiden.

[1] Our building is under new management and they’re spiffing things up to the tune of new washing machines (thank freaking goodness!!!) and a lick of paint.

[2] I still have issues with how much of my Radical Magical Transformation has to do with income. I feel like one of the newage-rhymes-with-sewage types who sit around sanctifying greed and acting like their doing it in order to benefit The Entire World. Or something. But there it is. I can arts-and-crafts, karaoke, scribble, volunteer, and TF* my way through all the stuff I love, without much if any problem at all. The part where my life radically transforms is the part where I can actually make a reliable living doing as much.

[3] Think good thought for me on both of those fronts – and the poetry show grant front – for me, will you Internets? It’d be a big help. 🙂

[4] Still trying to do seasonal eating — although I got to tell you, we are getting tired of cabbage around her and have had more than a few frozen pizzas (featuring spinach and peppers!) and dinners out in the past month and a bit. I miss bright, colourful veggies and fruit that doesn’t come out of tins. But we’re working with it. I’m foreseeing a lot of salads and possible a weekly Raw Vegan night at our house come summer time, I’m just sayin’.