Magic for Reproductive Rights

So. There’s this. Motion M-312. It was debated in the house of commons today. I’m horrified that this is even up for debate. Merciful Life.

So I’ve been protesting on parliament hill, and I’ve been writing my MP and I’ve signed at least two petitions, and I’m tweeting under #NoDebate and blogging up a storm and generally getting the word around.

But there are multiple fronts to work on here. So. Magically speaking:

If you’re my kind of kitchen witch:

Black poppyseeds can be used to sow confusion amongst your enemies and adversaries
Calendula petals promote legal victories
Slippery Elm bark protects against false testimony and accusations
Fennel seeds ward off police (hang a small bag of them discreetly inside your doorframe, or carry them on you, under your clothes)
Ash (I’m not sure if this means “rowan” or “soot”) helps to promote justice
Bloodstone promotes truth and success
Pine promotes victory and strength

Hawthorn, red yarn, and copper are a powerful protection mix (much like rowan, amber, and red thread)

Rubberbands are for cooperation, organization, and resourcefulness

Rosemary is great for protection and for successfully driving out Bad Stuff


A couple of deities you might try getting in touch with:

Ida-Ten, a Japanese god of legal victory (among other things), protects people against religious persecution.

Maat, an Egyptian goddess of truth, fairness and justice who offers protection against deceit and manipulation.

Artemis, a Greek goddess whose specialties include midwifery and women’s bodily autonomy

Skadi, a Norse goddess who presides over justice, vengeance, and righteous anger (and Winter)


And there are my thoughts on that. (They won’t be the last).

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