Garden Update (slowly but surely)

In the balcony-garden, so far…

Rainbow chard — seeds (as yet unsprouted, but that should theoretically happen in the next 2-3 days)

Boston lettuce — root ball (from a bunch that I got in a dome from the grocery store. I figured: why not? Might as well see what happens)

Tiny Tim cherry tomatoes — plant (picked up up from the Herb and Spice yesterday)

Still to go in:
Cucumber (plant)
Basil (plant)
Romano beans (seeds)
Scarlet runner beans (seeds)
garlic chives (seeds)

Morning Glories (seeds)
Nasturtiums (seeds)
Peppermint (plant)
Dill (plant)
Various Other flowers (plants, most likely)

This weekend, we’re hitting up Canadian Tire for (1) my fishing license, and (2) a few window boxes, bags of soil, and – chances are good – flowers.
We’ll also be hitting up the Byward Market for the peppermint and Dill (and, potentially, a few other herbs… we’ll see…)

Gardening Ho! šŸ˜€
But things are moving along. šŸ™‚

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