Amassing Essential Oils

Have just made my Bath Supplies order. Citric Acid, Cocoa Butter, and a wodge of essential oils from Saffire Blue (never tried them before, but they’re in Ontario and I like their prices and sellection). Sad that they didn’t have Bay Laurel essential oil, but they had the other stuff I was looking for. If they’re good, I’ll probably end up ordering honey powder and a few other goodies from them in the future.

My collection of EOs is getting (for me) pretty big. Not huge, but big enough:
sweet orange[1]
vanilla absolut[1]
cinnamon bark
ylang ylang
tea tree

Once my order comes in, I’ll also have (tiny bottles, like my Thyme):
cedarwood (Viginia / Blood Cedar)
juniper berry
clary sage
star anise
sweet basil
cocoa absolut

There are still bits and pieces I’d like to get my hands on – pine, bay, yarrow, birch, sassafras – but that’s a pretty good start right there. 🙂 I’m going to need to find a box – probably from the dollar store, knowing me – to put all of them in. The little plastic chocolates-box that I’ve been using is qute, quite full at this point. Also, really, they should be kept in the dark (not just the shade), so being able to put a lid on them would be good.

Some other oil-related notes:
I’ve been poking around on The Internet and found this list of top, middle, and base notes.
I’ve also found suggestions as to how to do oil-based tinctures — soaking your plant of choice in grapeseed (typically?) oil — for a month, turning the jar over every day; slow-cooking it on low in a crock pot; that sort of thing. Anyone tried this?

I have Plans.
Plans for solid perfumes like chocolate-chai and licorice-whip.
Plans for soaps like “Horn Dance” (very woodsy) or “Samhain” (herbs, spices, and incense for the dead).
Plans for dream-magic and other spells.

Right now, I’m knitting a square of red yarn. I’ve got my hawthorn thorn and a tiny scrap of copper wire ready to go. A little rosemary and some soaked-up coffee, and I’m good to go. 🙂

Meliad the Birch Maiden. 🙂

[1] I use these a LOT, so I have 30mL bottles of them, rather than the “standard” size that I have of almost everything else.
[2] 5mL bottle of this – just about everything I’ve got is either 10mL or 12mL.


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