Birch and Willow and Morning Glories – Green Things Growing All Around Me

Today I went down to Dow’s Lake.

My girlfriend saved a branch from a birch tree that was cut down on the site of a house she’s building. It’s currently sitting in a bottle of water and putting out new leaves. (Go birch branch! :-D)

I went to Dow’s Lake because I know there’s a weeping willow (and about a zillion not-so-weeping willows) growing along its Western shore, and willow has a hormone (or something) in it that encourages it – and anything near it – to start putting out roots[1]. (The bit of willow totally wilted on the way home and I just about had to pour it into the water-bottle, but it’s perked up completely in the past two hours. Go willow! :-))

While I was there, I picked the better part of a sandwich-bag full of dandelion (and related) greens. I figured: I’m between a lake and a bike path, and the other side of the bike path is a marsh. The soil’s probably way cleaner here than it is across the lake, near the road. Right then!

So I got us some greens to add to our salad this evening.
The salad is going to be:
blanched dandelion greens
blanched asparagus
raw cocktail tomatoes
bocconcini balls

… With the possibility of adding mushrooms and/or lemon-marinated tuna (tinned) to the mix as well.

We’re going out tonight to see the stage/storytelling show based on C.S.E. Cooney’s Braiding the Ghosts. I’m going to get dressed up for it – rings braided into my hair, my Queen Modthryth necklace (from Idol Ceremony), a dab or two of Miss Sugar’s Unveiled, and a halter-necked red dress that I made for myself, years ago now, out of an old batiked skirt. πŸ™‚

The garden is coming along. I need to give it some water once the afternoon has worn on a little more, but everything seems to be settling into their pots happily and without incident (YAY!). The tomato plant has three or four baby green tomatoes on it already (here’s hoping it gets GROWING though) and the basil and dill seem to be putting out further growth.
The morning glories sprouted this morning! πŸ˜€
As did one of the Kentucky Wonder beans! πŸ˜€
The cucumber (needs watering, but) is putting out new leaves and getting a little bigger every day.
There seems to be something bravely starting to sprout in the Swiss Chard bucket, but I have no idea what it is. (We’ll see). I’m really, REALLY hoping that I get some swiss chard out of this seed packet. O.O

I spent the last two days pushing butternut squash seeds into (large) traffic-calming islands and open dirt on the public sides of chainlink fences around my neighbourhood. I’m hoping that, even though I don’t have the space (or the soil) to grow a butternut squash plant myself, I’ll be able to harvest at least some of the squash that (hopefully) grows and thrives where I’ve planted it around the neighbourhood. (Though I’m also fully expecting a lot of it to either (a) get mowed by industrious lawn-mowing-individuals, or (b) get harvested by hungry, squash-loving neighbours).
So we’ll see. πŸ™‚

Anyway. That’s my Green Things Growing post for the moment.

Meliad the Birch Maiden. πŸ™‚

[1] If you’re the kind of guerilla gardener who snags cuttings from neighbourhood plants that you like the look of, you can (theoretically) use a cutting of new willow growth (not dry and fallen off the tree) in lieu of some kind of Rooting Medium to help get your cutting to develope into a separate new plant.


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