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Pasta with Dandelion Greens, Asparagus, and Shrimp

Hey everyone.

So I picked a zip-lock bag of dandelion greens the other day and decided to throw them into dinner tonight. President’s Choice (has apparently been monitoring my purchases… and) now sends me a local/seasonal-focused food magazine every so often. (I’ve only recieved two, so I have no idea how often they come). I was quite chuffed to see a whole section on dandelion-greens recipes (even as I kind of chuckled over dandelions at the grocery store when they’re so abundant and FREE pretty much everywhere outside) which, handily, included the kinds of stuff I tend to throw in with them anyway (go me, for knowing what to toss in with bitter-type greens to make them super-delicious!)

So, having a bag of frozen shrimp in the freezer, I decided to take my cue from one of the magazine’s recipes (oranges, shrimp, dandelions, and a wack of other stuff that I don’t remember) and make my own shrimp-and-dandilions concoction.

Here it is:


Dandelion Asparagus Pasta with Shrimp

1 flat of pre-sliced button mushrooms
1 sandwich bag of dandelion greens (about 2C, raw? I’m guessing)
4 cocktail tomatoes
8 asparagus spears
12 cocktail shrimp (tails removed)
6 bocconcini balls
2 large cloves of garlic
2 tbsp butter

1.5 C rotini noodles

1) toss the butter, mushrooms, and shrimp into a frying pan
2) quarter the cocktail tomatoes and mince the garlic, and add them to the frying pan and turn the heat on (low)
3) wash the dandelion greens
4) steam/blanch the dandelion greens (I put them in a sceive and just set the sceive in boiling water, with a lid on everything) for ~5 minutes
5) while the dandelions are blanching, wash and chop the asparagus into 1″ lengths
6) rinse the dandelion greens in cold water
7) set the asparagus in the sceive (or other strainer) and blanch them for ~5 minutes (maybe less) until bright green
8) While the asparagus is blanching, roughly chop the dandelion greens and add them to the frying pan
9) Add the asparagus to the frying pan
10) Re-fill the sauce pan that you used to blanch the dandelions and asparagus
11) Cook the rotini noodles while the vegetable mixture heats through
12) Drain the pasta and add it to the vegetable mixture
13) Dice the bocconcini balls and toss them in with the rest of the mixture at the last minute (I did not do this, and wound up with a large lump of mozzerella in the middle of my pasta dish that had to be re-chopped and re-added, so…)
14) Serve (possibly with a white wine, though we don’t have that this evening) and enjoy. 🙂


I added a little grainy mustard to the veggies (like 1/4 tsp). You could also add a little white wine or some chopped onion to the mixture. You could use lemon-marinated tinned tuna in lieu of the shrimp to great effect (I think).

Meliad the Birch Maiden.