Daily Archives: June 13, 2012

State of the Garden – Mid-June 2012

We went away to a cottage last weekend and, when we came back, this is what I found:

We have one bloom on the dianthus

The cucumber plant is almonst long enough to start climbing

The beans in with the tomatoes have started to climb their strings, although the beans everywhere else aren’t quite as big (the ones in the window boxes may or may not do any climbing at all, I’m not sure… they’re mostly there to act as nitrogen fixers though, so any flowers or fruits that we get will be a bonus for those ones)

The dill is looking extremely happy – tall and feathery and even starting to flower – and the basil is starting to flower as well. Our lavender plant is still pretty compact and, while I think it’s growing a little, it isn’t growing a lot

The tomato plant is growing and it has lots of flowers, as well as a few more fruits getting going

The garlic chives are actually visible to the naked eye, although they’re also still very fine and will be a while before I can start harvesting them for salads and such

The morning glories are… huddled together and not doing much. Although I recall they didn’t really get going until August the first time I grew them, so they may yet be okay…

The rainbow chard is leafing nicely and, in a week or two, will be ready for its first harvest

The lambs quarters that I transplanted to a pot are… not dead yet! 😀 We’ll see if they actually start growing and getting bigger but, so far so good, so yay!

The nasturiums are leafing nicely in both the window box and the cucumber bin, but they are still quite small (I put some in a salad last night with dandelions, pea sprouts, crunchy sprouts, basil, and tomatoes – very tasty)


Around the Neighbourhood:
The sour cherries and service berries are getting ripe but are still mostly green (give it two weeks, seriously), some of the wild strawberries (at the cottage we borrowed) are already ripe and tasty in a sweet-yet-tart kind of way.
Dandelion (and related) greens, plus lamb’s quarters (wild amaranth/spinach) and plantane are available all over the place (we’ve been eating a LOT of dandelions of late).
Pears and apples are in the fruit-growing stage of their development. Not sure where the mulberries are at (I’ll have to walk by our local tree and have a look). Grapes are flowering at present. That’s about all I’ve got for now. 🙂

Meliad the Birch Maiden. 🙂