D is for Drought – Pagan Blog Project 2012

So apparently (I’m so cluefull…) we’re in the middle of a stage two drought.
I don’t actually know what that means, although I suspect it’s quite a bit different for normally-soggy Ottawa than it is for, say, southern Alberta.

Around here, it means that we haven’t had any real rain (at all) for over a month, the river is unusually low, and there’s a burn-ban on due to the dry conditions.
My sweetheart and I went to sleep last night breathing the smell of forest fires.

I woke up in the dark some time after midnight, no smoke by then (good sign, or maybe just a change in the wind), but the waining moon was rising, almost blue, without a hint of the rose-gold I’m used to seeing in summer moonrise.

I just now watered the garden – it’s been needing it worse than I thought for a couple of days, and I’m glad I’ve done it, but this sort of thing makes me wonder if I should set up some kind of reservoire (like a 2L pop-bottle with weep-holes in the bottom, partially burried in each of my larger containers that I could fill using a funnel and then cap shut to prevent evaporation – though I might want to paint the east-facing side white to keep from turning it into a magnifying lense…) instead of just going out every few days and dropping 6-12 litres on the balcony-garden once it’s somewhat into the shady part of the day.

I’m trying to figure out how to do a simple offering to my Ladies that doesn’t involve fire. (Partly because that just seems very foolish under the circumstances, but also becuase it continues to be on the very hot side – shocking – and I don’t entirely want to be adding more heat to the house right now.
I’m considering doing charged water.
Not boiled – see again re: heat. But charged. Pour some energy or some music or both into a bowl of water and pour it out the way I’d normally do if I’d boiled it.

Part of me wants to do something magical to encourage the rain to come and hang around for a bit. The other part of me, of course, is going “Dudes… August is Thunderstorm Central! It’ll be fine! Just give it another two weeks. Relaaaaaaaaaaaax,” and doesn’t want to do magic over this for fear of accidentally turn the tap on too far (and thus have everything drown and/or rot as a result of the deluge. (Which, granted, isn’t likely to happen, but there you go).

That said: Theoretically there will be a thunder storm on Sunday. Maybe I can encourage it to be heavy rains rather than just heat lightning. šŸ™‚

Wish me luck!




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