More Canning Plans

Back from Funeral Number Two in as many weeks, and feeling a big need to create, create, create. So last night I made a batch of chocolate soap (vanilla and chocolate absoluts + saponified olive oil, soy wax, and coconut oil… plus a couple of scraps of beeswax in there for hardening). Today, I’m planning to make balsamic tomato sauce and peach-apricot chutney.

I made a spicey peach-apricot chutney last year using tinned peaches and dried apricots. This year, I’ll be using fresh peaches and may or may not add the apricots at all (not sure yet), though I do have a heap of dried apricots lying around, so I could…

I wrote, the other day, about choosing recipes for preserves that you will actually use, and mentioned about the difference between tomato salsa and tomato (pasta) sauce. I’m personally a much bigger fan of salsa – the mix of sweet and sour, fruit and vinegar and tomato and cilantro and garlic – than I am of tomato sauce that’s destined for pasta. However. I do love rosee sauces, and a little bit of fresh tomato thrown into the sauteed veggies that, yes, I’m about to pour over pasta, tells me that I don’t actually dislike tomato sauce. I just prefer it in moderation. (Not a big fan of spaghetti swimming in tomato-and-onion sauce, I have to confess).

So my Big Idea is to make a batch of balsamic tomato sauce – with lots of garlic, but not very much onion – and can it in very small (half-cup) jars. So that, when I’m doing pasta – or slow-cooked roasts, for that matter – I can add a taste of tomato without having to drown everything in it. (Also, using half-cup jars means that I have twice as many jars of sauce… meaning that I’ll probably have enough to give away in gift baskets this winter!)

First, however, I need to actually find half-cup jars. My local grocery store seems to be pretty… random… about its jar sizes (this year it’s one-litre and one-cup; last year it was two-cup and half-cup… Who knows…)

So off I go to my local hardware store. I’ll post recipes later on. 🙂

Meliad the Birch Maiden.

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