Things You Can Do With Preserves – Peach-Apple Butter Edition

I made comfort food last night. Grilled cheese sandwiches and tinned tomato soup. I made the soup with milk (and cream), and threw in some fresh basil from the garden. The sandwiches, however:

One slice of (wonder) bread was spread thinly with a nice, hot mustard. The other was dotted with little blobs of home-made peach-apple butter. Add cheap, mild cheddar cheese[1] from the convenient store and grill on the sandwich-grill plates of the waffle iron.

Zowie. O.O

That worked.

So: If you’ve made jar upon jar of fruit butter and are looking for something to do with it that goes beyond using it as a substitute for jam, try spreading it on a savoury sandwich – cheddar cheese, roast turkey, a nice, smoked ham…

Give it a whirl.

Meliad. 🙂

[1] Can you imagine what this would be like done on, say cinnamon-raisin egg-bread with a really great aged cheddar? Foodgasm. Definitely.

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