H is for Hearth and Household – Pagan Blog Project 2012

I read somewhere that Hearth Witches like to make things on the stove.

Well, that’s me to a tee. (Thense why half of this blog is about recipes and, probably, why I make my own soap and similar).

Right now the seasons are changing – big time – it’s Autumn Equinox, yes, so the Wheel is Officially Turning. But my bare feet are cold, and my bean vines are turning to mush because of the cold over-night temperatures. I have rainbow chard that needs to come in, and I have boots that need greasing, both before tomorrow night. It’s not flip-flop weather anymore. I’m craving hot chocolate rather than ice cream. It’s getting to the point where I want to curl up under a cozy duvet, soak in a hot bath, slow-cook meals – not because they create less heat than the oven, but because they’ll fill my house with their all-day simmer and delicious, warm smells.

And so this brings me to my hearth.

My desperately messy home that’s been getting neglected while my Servant works on her business plan and I go on work-travel. We’ve got social events tonight, and I’m working until 7:30, but the house needs attention. Time vacuum every room in the house, weed the wardrobe, pack away the sandals, and give the parrot’s cage a good pre-winter scrub. Time to smoke the apartment with cedar or dragon’s blood, light up all the altars, and make my offerings.

I think it’s incredibly handy that the Wheel of the Year has feast days happening roughly every six weeks. Because that’s about how long I can go before the clutter really starts getting to me and I need to give the place a good clean. Wanting to use the dining room table for a Nice Dinner and having a High Holy Day available to give me the excuse to pull out the vacuum cleaner (and hand it off to my Servant)… doesn’t hurt in that department.

It feels like the season of Gathering In is already upon us. Normally, I don’t think of that starting until November, but we are going to a get-together tonight, and from here on in, it’s chosen phamily, origin phamily, birthdays and celebrations, right up until some time past February. I hope it’s a good season. Bright windows in the dark, full larders and plentiful feasting, with lots of cozy days spent crafting and creating over tea and stories with my People around me.


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