I is for Invocation of Self – Pagan Blog Project 2012

Hey folks!

So I’m about three quarters of the way through Dark Moon Rising: Pagan Bdsm & the Ordeal Path, which is a book about using BDSM techniques in Pagan rituals. It’s… Okay, sometimes it’s a bit of a stretch. But other times, it’s really appropriate and fitting, and the editor has included some really well-thought-out (mostly group-oriented) sample rituals that could be quite beautiful and very effective if your ritual group is also full of kinksters.

However. What I was actually looking for when I bought it (I bought the e-book version, fyi) was a book on how to use Pagan ritual techniques in BDSM encounters. Specifically I was looking for ways to draw down my Domme Self[1] into my own body.

There is some stuff out there that helps with this. Lee Harrington’s piece, “Receiving Puja“, talks about drawing one’s own holy self into one’s body. There are parts of Evolutionary Witchcraft that pertain to this as well. And, yes, there’s a chapter in Dark Moon Rising that talks about Becoming God and, to a point, how to suffuse yourself with divinity in order to make that happen.

If people have other suggestions/resources on how to go about doing this, and want to pass them on, that would be awesome. 🙂

Meliad the Birch Maiden.

[1] For those who don’t read the Kinky Blog: My Domme Self is, typically, about seven years old and is A Princess. However. That’s not the only side of her that exists. My Monster – the boggy river creature who lives among the weeds and the murk – she’s in there too. And so is the mother of the universe, the one that comes with a feeling of vastness, of being able to contain anything and everything. And that’s the feeling/existence that I’m trying to learn how to invoke – or possibly evoke – at will.


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