Autumn Musings

Harvest Moon was full over the weekend – a lot of my neighbours were eating Moon Cakes and having family/phamily parties to mark the occasion. My sweetie and I took the opportunity to go and fetch the canoe back from the private campground where we’d stored it over the summer (which wound up involving slightly less Naked Camping than we’d originally expected when we brought it up there).

It’s well and truely Autumn now. Cold in the morning, and dark too. We’re talking about investing in a new bedroom lamp (one that can take a hundred-watt lightbulb… or a 23-watt full-spectrum compact fluorescent lightbulb – like maybe these – as the case may be) and a timer to help our dark-addled bodies realize that it’s morning.

I’ve got two pounds of cranberries sitting in my crisper, about to become seven or eight cups of Cranberry Curd, and some turkey (not a whole one) defrosting for a roast dinner tonight[1]… but all I want to do is huddle under blankets, drink hot chocolate and chai, and finish Dark Moon Rising.

Oh well. Better get cooking. 🙂

Meliad the Birch Maiden.

[1] I’m thinking buttery boiled potatoes and balsamic-beets to go with it, as it happens.


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