Blessings and Renovations

We drove back from Toronto on Monday and, coming home, were treated to an amazing[1] display of the Northern Lights.
I live in a city, and I’m definitely located in southern Canada. I’d never seen the Northern Lights before. My sweetheart has seen them in the Near North, where they show up purple and red, but I was astounded to see even just the shimmering veils of green that can appear in our southern skies.
“Kind of Amazing” is putting it mildly.

It’s autumn. I keep saying that. I think the summer has sped by so quickly that I’m still trying to catch up. A cold rain is falling fairly heavily outside and I’m grateful that, for the most part, the guys who are in replacing our (30+ years old, insulation-free) windows are done. It means I’ve got an east-facing wall again, and the place is starting to feel warm after four hours of nothing to keep the chill from coming in.

Photo by Mel Mazone
Via Wiki Commons

I’m drinking a lot of hot tea and dreaming of cozy, casual evenings involving homemade soups, slow-cooked stews, baked fruit desserts, candle-light, and good company. But before any of that can happen (other than, possibly, the tea), I’ll need to put the house back in order. Put the unicycles and the stacked balcony furniture back outside, unpack from our Toronto trip[1], put the furniture back in place, vacuum the floors and the rugs and, oh yeah, re-bless the house and put the wards up again.
That’ll be the big deal.
I’ll probably use dragon’s blood for the incense, light up all my altars (possibly with parafin candles, though, I admit. I’m almost out of beeswax tea lights and need to make more in order to have enough for everyone), and burn one of my “love, sex, happiness, and extra cash” candles in Boroslava the Parlour Stove while I’m at it.

Wish me luck!
Meliad the Birch Maiden. šŸ™‚

[1] We saw the Northern Lights on the way home! It was amazing! I’d never seen them before! šŸ˜€

3 responses to “Blessings and Renovations

  1. Mmm, your post makes me feel strangely homesick for autumn even though I am in autumn now. It makes no sense. XD

    • I think that seasons, as humans conceptualize them, aren’t just about the weather. It’s all the stuff that goes along with the weather.
      Spring isn’t just torential rain punching holes in the snow and washing it away, it isn’t just the river in flood or the scilla and crocusses and (eventually) tulips and daffodils lifting their heads, it’s gentle air on bare legs and bare necks, the taste of delicate, raw salad greens after months of cooked-to-death kale and cabbage, it’s feeling the tension ease out of your shoulders as your body stops reflexively huddling and bracing against a cold that is finally not there anymore.

      … Which is all just a round-about way of saying that yes, actually, it makes plenty of sense to me. šŸ™‚

      • šŸ˜€ Bless you. I think you hit the nail on the head. I have a couple of memories of past autumns – nothing special, just walking to school or passing by a stranger’s house – and other things can trigger them, and nostalgia along with it.

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