The Curious Crafts Show – It’s Tomorrow! :-D

I’ve spent the day prepping for the craft show I’m in tomorrow.

I’m inching ever-closer to petrolium-free packaging. This makes me happy.

I’ve got 100% beeswax votive candles in 4-pack gift boxes – four candles nestled in black tissue paper, packed into a white 100%-recycled cardboard gift box and tied with (acrylic, sadly) multi-hued yarn.

I’ve got fizzing bath treats in “Pumpkin Spice”, “Chocolate Mousse”, and “Elizabeth’s Cookies[1]” full of coconut oil and cocoa butter, packaged in pretty, reuseable mesh (but, alas, polyester) bags[2].

I’ve got three kinds of soap – unscented castille soap, “Winter Solstice” (peppermint, cinnamon, and juniper), and “Pomander” (sweet orange and clove – a perpetual favourite, I find), all of which are wrapped in waxed paper[3] and tucked into small, draw-string burlap bags.

No lip-balm this time around (it’s coming, don’t worry), but I do have a heap of new jewelry. My Honey Month collection is finished at last (YAY!) and will be proudly on display… with any luck, said display will be my new, deconstructable jewelry stand featuring a gorgeous peice of live-edged oak and made by my young lady. 😀

So. Long story short: If you’re in Ottawa, do drop by the show tomorrow. 😀

See you at Jack Purcell!

Meliad the Birch Maiden.

[1] Which, yes, are named after the lemon-rosemary shortbread cookies made by musician Elizabeth Bruce.

[2] I’m thinking that, if I can get ahold of some reuseable tea-bags (kind of like these?), that would probably work. I just want something that has a finer weave than the little burlap bags I use for my soaps.

[3] Probably waxed with parafin wax. Maybe I can use butcher’s paper in future?

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