K is for Kisses, K is for Kink – Pagan Blog Project 2012

K is for Kiss. I don’t mean the five-fold kiss that’s part of some Wiccan rituals. I mean lips locked, shared breath, tangling tongues. I mean the holiness of sex.
K is for Kink. I’ve been reading a lot of Raven Kaldera and Lee Harrington of late.
My kink community (M-O-T leather dykes, fyi) has a lot of Woo going on in it. A fair few of us are pagan of one sort or another, and our two majoy community parties fall pretty close to the year-hinges (which was actually totally by accident BUT, seriously, you should have been there on Beltain…), so it’s maybe not that surprising that I’m fast developing an interest in things like sex magic, sacred sexuality, ordeal paths, tantric sexual-energy work, and similar.
Right now, this means doing a lot of reading (the aforementioned Raven and Lee, as well as some Barbara Carrellas), listening to podcasts, having occasional discussions about energy-movement and sacred sexuality with women in my community, and generally talking the talk.
Walking the walk is going to be slower in coming, I think. Yes, Ghost and I have Grand Plans to re-read Urban Tantra, most-likely while on our honeymoon (apt) and do the exercises together. And that’s something. But I haven’t got the first clue how to actually run an ordeal ritual (for example) and I’m a bit nervous about trying something like that.
I’ve always been a solitary practitioner, a solo-dedicant, that kind of thing. But this mix of magic, religion, sex, blood, and fear/hunger is… potent enough, and screw-up-able enough on a lot of different fronts, that I feel like I could really do with some help. Looking at the mixture of them is giving me a clue why both Old Guard Leather and various witch crafts (I’m thinking BT Wicca but also Feri, for example) are initiatory and graduated in terms of learning the ways of Doing The Things We Do.
There are things that I want to explore. But I don’t think it would necessarily be wise to explore them “unsupervised”, so to speak.
If anyone has any suggestions, do please drop me a comment. 🙂
Meliad the Birch Maiden.

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