Magical Forest Yule Holiday Craft Show –> I’m In It!

It was slightly touch-and-go there, for a few days, because my table fee hadn’t arrived in the mail yet, BUT I found out yesterday (!!!) that I do have table-space at the Magical Forest Yule Holiday Craft Show after all. Thank all the gods! 😀
In addition to my lovely earring collections, I’ll also be bringing a sellectiohn of pendants PLUS a big basket of 1oz 100%-beeswax tealights ($1 each OR 12 for $10); my 3oz 100%-beeswax votives ($12 for an already-wrapped gift-pack of four), both of which are prepared in metal (reusable/recyclable, petrolium-free) containers; and my usual soaps (unscented, pomander, and winter solstice) and deliciously-scented fizzing bath treats (Elizabeth’s Cookies, Gingersnaps, and Chocolate Chip – not actually edible, just smell like they are).
It’ll be awesome. 🙂
If you’re in Ottawa, I hope to see you there. 😀
Meliad the Birch Maiden.

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