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M is for Moving and Magic and All The Names of My Ladies – Pagan Blog Project 2012

Okay, strictly speaking, I’ve covered some of this stuff before, from the opposite end of the move. My Ghost and I are now moved into our new apartment – a surprisingly luxurious (size-wise) two-bedroom on the ground floor of our building.
By luck or fate or act of deity[1], my sister – she who got hold of a lot of the Gorgeous Antique Furniture that’s been passed around our family for the past 20 years as various grandparents, and then parents, have started down-sizing – is also moving. And try to get rid of as much of her furniture as possible.

Which has netted us a stunning, antique canopy bedframe and – by luck or fate or act of deity[2] – (another) one of the beautiful (but awkwardly broad) custom bookshelves my grandfather made for my parents when they got their first apartment together.

Thank you, my gods, and all my ancestors, for bringing my family’s heirlooms home to me at last!

And this has all happened in the month and, at this point, the week leading up to our wedding. 😀

I feel like this is another instance of Sometimes the Gods Say “Go!” – like seeing the Northern Lights on the way home from Harvest – pointing us in the right direction, helping us create the kind of hearth-and-home that we both want[3].

We have a wreath on the door and the holly garlands are up (and decorated) in the windows. I have (miraculously still alive) green onions set up on the Plant Stand[4], where they will be joined by other cut-and-come-again food plants for added fresh veggies (or at least herbs) in the winter. 😀

We’ve been being very domestic of late – sewing (in my case) the wedding clothes, and setting up yet another line of home-based business for both of us, plus the usual rather stressful unpacking and shifting of things post-move. I’m looking around at what we’ve got set up in our new place, and I’m feeling confident and blessed (by my gods, by my ancestors, by my People) and also like we’ll be able to actually show the place off – at least a little bit – on our wedding day (this Friday[5]).

So that’s where things are at. I remember Miss Sugar talking about Financial Sorcery and set points and messages from the gods and… this feels a little like that. 🙂

Meliad the Birch Maiden. 🙂

[1] Mattaer, I’m looking at you! 🙂

[2] This one might be due to Makaa, actually. 🙂

[3] Int his case: We are, as it happens, both rather in love with antiques, particularly those made of wood and iron. It’s a thing. 😉

[4] In the hall, where they are actually unlikely to get any light at all – woops – but where they’ll still do better than they might otherwise. I’d like to replace the minimal-spectrum fleurescent tubes (all over the apartment, so about five or six tubes all told) with Full Spectrum/Daylight ones.

[5] Apt, in a number of ways: Waxing moon; day of Venus among other love-related Ladies; Longest Night (hubba hubba); New Beginnings; Traditional celebration of hearth, home, and family… I could go on. 🙂