Enter Winter… So, Naturally, I’m Hitting the Seed Catalogues.

So. Here we are at the beginning of January, just past the fullness of Long Nights Moon, and the local temperature has dropped – as it tends to do once January hits – by about 20 degrees celcius. I’m in a shiny new apartment with a shiny new spouse (the spouse part, not the relationship part) who is learning how to sew leather garments on her old machine… and without a balcony on-which to grow next Summer’s (distant) garden.
Oh, I have plans.
There is a built-in planter that runs the length of my apartment and which, typically, gets left horribly neglected over the course of the summer (impatiens go in… and they get pretty-much no water from there-on-in)… that I’m thinking I might be able to take over if I opt for the Pretty Stuff in that space. There’s also a (slim) chance that I’ll get a big chunk of garden space waaaaaaaaaaaaaay the hell outside of town on the land of one of my wife’s (hee!!!) co-workers who would like to have home-grown food but doesn’t really know how to do the growing. That chance is slim, but it’s there… and I’m hopeful about it. ๐Ÿ™‚
In spite of my 2013-garden uncertainty, however, and perhaps a little foolishly at that, I’ve gone ahead and ordered seeds from a couple of Canadian seed companies (one in Ontario, and one in Alberta, by the looks of things).
From Hawthorn Farm, I’ve got:
Black Cherry baby tomatoes
Black Plum sauce tomatoes
Polish Linguista sauce tomatoes
Blondkopfchen yellow baby tomatoes
Lacinato Kale (aka dinosaur kale?)
Red Russian Kale (the kind with the purple stems)
Rainbow Chard
Giant Red Mustard Greens
Nutter Butter (miniature butternut type squash)
Black Futsu (Japanese two-serving winter squash)
Winter Luxury Pie (heirloom pie pumpkin – pretty fruit with very smooth flesh)
Trionfo Violetto pole beans (purple podded snap beans)
True Cranberry pole beans (dark red butter beans with mottled shells)

From Heritage Harvest Seeds I’ve ordered:
Marina di Chioggia (heirloom turban-type squash with super-smooth, pasta-friendly flesh)
Musquee de Provence (heirloom pumpkin – chocolate brown shell with thick, smooth, luxurious flesh)
Canada Crookneck (heirloom butternut-esque squash with sweet flesh and a super-big curve)
Early Green Cluster pickling cucumbers
Painted Lady runner beans
Scarlet runner beans
Hopi Red Dye Amaranth (for greens and grains)
So… Yeah.
I’ve got garden plans. Lots of heirloom veggies, lots of long-keeping squash and hardy, easy-to-grow greens (than happen to be kind of pretty). Lots of pole beans with fancy flowers and colourful pods for virtical appeal.
Now I just need to secure a place to grow it. O.O
Wish me luck! ๐Ÿ˜€
Meliad the Birch Maiden.


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