Pagan Blog Project – 2013 (and 2012)

So… What to do about the Pagan Blog Project?
I started mid-year, but at the beginning of the alphabet, in 2012. And I got through to O is for Offerings before the calendar rolled over. Now the Project is up and running again for 2013, starting with “A is for _____________” and I’m sitting here going “Well, crap. Do I really want to start all over again???”
And part of me does.
Part of me wants to keep working on “last year’s” prompts – meaning blogging about any old pagan-related thing and linking to the 2012 schedule as I go, and continuing with “P is for ___________” (Practicality, Preserves, Popularity Contests, you name it) – while simultaneously doing the rounds of 2013 prompts (possibly doing only one prompt per letter this time? Rather than, say, three… as was sometimes the case last year) but narrowing my focus somewhat in order to pay further attention to the specific spritual-sexuality stuff that has been tugging on my sleave for what feels like a significant part of the past year. I suppose I’d start with something like “A is for Aphrodesiac” if I went that route, but I’m really not at all sure.
I complained to Miss Sugar, the other day, that I am a theory-head to the point that I’m actually hiding behind my thinky-thinkiness in order to avoid actually doing (risking) anything… to the point that my inaction is becoming embarassing (to me, at least).
Maybe (there I go again with the “maybe”) I make the effort to blog about experiential stuff this time around.
Here’s to a year of action. (And here’s hoping).
Meliad the Birch Maiden.

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