Daily Archives: January 11, 2013

New Moon – Snow Moon Begins

Hey all,
So today’s the day my second PBP13 post goes up (and it has), but it’s also a new moon. So. Where are we at?
Unsurprisingly (I guess?), as this is the beginning of Snow Moon, we’re having a spate of unseasonably warm (like seriously) weather and, thus, have freezing rain, freezing rain, and more freezing rain in the forecast.
It’s gonna look like Fimbulvinter around here. O.O
Again. 😦
That said, I’m trying not to let the grey weather (and the frequent need to shut the blinds on our main-floor, street-facing windows, which isn’t helping the lack of sunlight) get to me.
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A is for Ablution – Pagan Blog Project 2013

ab·lu·tion [uh-bloo-shuh n] noun
1. A cleansing with water or other liquid, especially as a religious ritual.
So, last week I mentioned doing a ritual bath – a Something Nice for myself that had ritual benefits in line with my spiritual-study focus for 2013.
Here’s how it went:
I ran the water (duh) and threw in dried birch and bay leaves (for opening up to the spirit world, psychic awareness, and similar) plus epsom salts (which is just what I do), vanilla absolut (for sensuality, love, and lust), and essential oils of cinnamon, clary sage, and ylang ylang (for sexuality, lust, and love, but also for spirituality, Significant Dreams and opening up one’s psychic abilities).
There’s something I should have thought about a little more before I did that.
Specifically – and as I mentioned in Q is for Queer, no less – that cinnamon oil is dermoncaustic. Even, apparently, when it’s diluted by an entire bath worth of water.
Within five minutes of getting into the bath, I had little, blotchy burns all over my body (including a big one by my right eye and another one that looked like the classic vampire thing, by the right corner of my mouth), and any scratches or scrapes that I had were livid and red.
Not exactly the sensual experience I was aiming for.
That said, we’ll see what my dreams start looking like. Maybe it worked anyway. 🙂
Beyond that, what can I take away from this? Well… Don’t do anything without thinking it through…? A little dab’ll do ya? Consider what’s right in front of you before you take that step?
Crap. I don’t want to take stuff from this that give me excuses to Not Act.
Know what you’re getting yourself into?
Regardless. It was a lovely, if somewhat burn-y bath, and I followed it up with slipping into a spiffy negligee in order to carry the sensual and sex-positive elements of the bath even further.
And that was my ritual bath.