C is for Candlemas – Pagan Blog Project 2013

I don’t usually refer to it as “Candlemas”. I typically use “Imbolg”. But this PBP13 entry is going live on February 1st and we’re on “C” not “I”. So Candlemas it is, at least for the purposes of this post.
Around here, early February usually brings with it (a) a thaw[1] and (b) a noticeable lengthening of the days. This second one is a huge big deal and, given SADD and (yes) Valentine’s Day, it tends to mean that Imbolg involves doing some self-care to the tune of hot baths[2] lit by candles and infused with epsom salts, rosemary, sweet orange, and cloves[3].
Beyond that, I tend to be a small get-together kind of gal – more social activity than group-ritual for me – so I’m more likely to have, say, a wine and cheese fondue party than put together an altar and have people over to circle.
This year, I’m not doing that. My wife and I are getting together for a meal with a friend – I’ll be bringing a dessert (probably a chocolate mousse/custard with – go figure – cloves and orange extract for added flavour; maybe do it up creme brulee style and take a blow-torch to it as well), but it’s not a Ritual Meal.
Instead, I’ll be making time for the above-mentioned ritual bath and to make another dozen or two tealights to keep my People well-fed. 🙂
[1] This used to mean that it was -8 rather than -30. Now it means that it’s at or above freezing, and our Winterlude festival is frequently a bit of a soup. But that’s beside the point.
[2] Any excuse. 😉
[3] For example. This mix will get you purification (to suck out the emotional/psychic/energetic/etc gunk) and protection, plus it will invite happiness, love, self-confidence, and abundance into your life, while helping to banishing jealousy. Handy for poly people, and the essential oils all correspond to both solar energy and the element of fire (big shock).


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