Time for another garden post! :-D

So. As you know bob, I now have a garden space (er…) directly outside my window. I don’t (officially) have use of the space, but I don’t think using it will be a problem.
The problem, instead, is that thee garden space is badly neglected by everything but the neighbourhood cats and, well, it’s been awfully close to the highway for enough decades that it’s probably got some exhaust-based lead built up in it.
Urk! O.O

So, for the moment, I’m looking at planting things that (a) are okay with really awful growing conditions – shady and dry, but also generally bad nutition – and (b) that are good at being sacrificial plants (that don’t later get composted) that are A-OKAY with soaking lead and other nasties.

Right now, the winners for (b) are cabbage, bearded irises, and sunflowers.

Now I’m sure as hell not going to make my tasty-and-delicious kale varietals act as vacuum cleaners for my soil. But I’m game for getting a couple of packages of “ornamental” cabbage (do they even sell that stuff from seed?) from the local home despot or whatever and interplanting them with some (small) sunflowers. Even though chances are good that sunflowers won’t like the growing conditions. I figure between them and the morning glories (and maybe some sweet peas?) I’ll have a colourful, beautiful, eye-catching, “curb-appeal” garden that, at the same time, is feeding the soil (sweet peas are nitrogen-fixers) and cleaning out its system.
… That probably makes me a really terrible annimist, doesn’t it? “I like them better, so YOU get to be poisoned!!!”
Cripes. What a mess. 😦

Maybe I’ll be able to do a mix of clean-up crew stuff planted directly into the soil and food plants grown in hanging baskets or similar.
I can dream. πŸ™‚

Meliad the Birch Maiden. πŸ™‚

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