New Moon – Ice Moon Begins

So. It’s the beginning of Ice Moon.
We’re about halfway through our local winter festival (Winterlude – ft lots of skating, ice sculptures, concerts, and hot chocolate) and the weather is actually being nice this year – neither too warm (in which case everything would melt) or too cold (in which case everything would stay solid, but no-one would come out to enjoy it). We had a big snowfall last night – nothing like the Winter Storms that I’ve been hearing about from parts south of here, just a bunch of snow for about 16 hours – but today is bright, with a clear sky and not too terribly cold outside.

I spent some time today transplanting my philodendron (Philomena – who spends part of her time being an altar for Misha, my lady of polyamoury, adventurousness, and all green and growing things), and planting some mustard greens (in Philomena’s former pot) in the hopes of getting some fresh veggies by the time Spring Equinox rolls around. πŸ™‚
Ice Moon comes at a time when the days are getting noticeably longer. It’s such a relief to have that extra light! Consequently, I tend to look at this moon as a time of hope and clean slates. It’s also a time for self-care (see my entry on Imbolg for that one). Beyond that, Ice Moon can be a time for firming up your intentions, maintaining the habits that you set out to form in Snow Moon, and developing some steadiness and staying power in those areas.
Ice Moon is also a good time to combat/relieve cabin fever by getting outside, socializing, and – more specifically – by getting involved with one’s community/ies. I’m doing this, in part, by hosting a “salon” this afternoon (about D/s and Polyamoury). I’m also looking forward to getting together, later this month, with a friend who wants to yack about spiritual bdsm. πŸ˜€
Ice Moon’s influence can also be treated as a call to “walk your talk” – not just with follow-through in your personal life, but in terms of living your values in the wider world. Maybe that means activism and volunteering. Maybe that means catching up on all the personal correspondence that you (er… I) have let slide. Maybe it means feeding, and/or offering an ear to, a friend who is stressed out about something going on in their lives. Maybe it means taking on a knitting project for something like Warm Hands, Warm Hearts or donate a pair of gently used boots to a boot drive. Whatever it is, this is a good time to get on it. πŸ™‚
Speaking of Getting On It, I need to light up my altars and bake some brownies for my impending salon-guests. πŸ™‚
Meliad the Birch Maiden. πŸ™‚

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