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V is for Vampire – Pagan Blog Project 2012

This is another post for, er, last year’s Pagan Blog Project.
Other than the gothity-goth-goth beginnings of my pagan experience, you may be wondering why on earth I’m bringing vampires into this.
Or, y’know, not.
I’ve recently (ish – like, in the last six months) been having a slow back-and-forth conversation with someone about energy-awareness, energy manipulation, and the hunger/craving for both blood and energy that gets described as “vampirism”.
It’s a great conversation, and I hope it continues.
One of the things that came up was how “energy vampire” is frequently used as a synonym for “person with bad emotinoal boundaries who likes to stir up trouble”.
While it’s true that there are people who “feed on negative energy” – sadists who thrive on the energy that comes from “bad pain” (pain that the masochist suffers through and endures as an offering, rather than ecstasy-inducing pain), or people like Thista Minai over at Gods and Mirrors (link goes to her post about why she hates the term “vampire”, fyi – it’s a good read) – but equating “feeds on negative energy” with “deliberately (or indeliberately) stirs up chaos, discent, and other messes” and/or “stirs up negative energy in people who haven’t conscented to that” is… misinformed at best and, well, slander (or possibly libel) at worst. Either way, it’s damaging.
Hell, for that matter, equating “energy vampire” with “feeds (only) on negative energy” is also not quite right. Case in point, Lee Harrington (because I’m such a fangirl) has a couple of posts about being a psy-vampire, about feeding on ambient or actively-offered energy – that isn’t necessarily pain or fear or what-have-you[1], and about not eating and how that screws with your system just as much as not eating fruits & veggies & protein screws with your system. They’re good reads, too, albeit for different reasons.
I’ve heard energy-drinkers (whether “ambient” or “direct” or both, whether or not they also drink blood) talk about how they try to stay away from people who like to stir up emotional trouble or who do the energetic equivalent of force-teaming because they literally make them feel physically ill; how they can get high from a cohesively energized or enthusiastically focused group or crowd but/or that crowded restaurants or other situations where the energy is intense but unfocussed can leave them feeling jittery or dizzy; how sex is like having their batteries recharged; how they can hook into, and get fed from, particular rhythms or types of music; how they get touch-hungry in ways that seem excessive to what their peers need or crave… And I have to say that all of this sounds very much like my own experiences.
I’m not great (ahaha… understatement) at moving energy around. I can do it, but it’s clumsy and sporadic, and – other than specifically with singing – the results are, at best, unreliable. That’s part of why I’m studying trance- and ritual- techniques this year, actually. Because I think learning to navigate Energetic Realms and how to guide the energy of a ritual/ceremony/scene may help me navigate (and manipulate) energy in other ways as well.
As far as other resources go, there are some hard-copy books available on the subject of vampirism (energetic or otherwise). Having read none of these, and basing them largely on the reviews, I’m pointing you towards Raven Kaldera’s The Ethical Psychic Vampire, and Michelle Belanger’s Vampires in Their Own Words: An Anthology of Vampire Voices and The Psychic Vampire Codex: A Manual of Magick and Energy Work as a place to start outside the blogosphere.
And that’s what I have to say about vampirism.
Meliad the Birch Maiden
[1] I pick up extra food at dance parties, for example, because there’s so much of it floating around. It’s great! 😀

New Essential Oils in my Collection

Hi all,
My latest order of essential oils arrived in the mail yesterday. I now have Fennel, Pine, Birch, and Lavender added to my arsenal. 🙂
The lavender is, of course, a top-up — I’d run out and needed to re-stock. I’ll be turning at least some of this into a massage oil for feet – a simple mix of sweet-almond and lavender[1] for softening calluses and cuticles while helping to heel the scuffs and sore sports that feet endure day-to-day.
The other three were all purchased for more magical purposes:
Pine: Pine is associated with sacred wisdom – you can (in theory?) use it to open up to the spirit world, or when you need a boost for checking someone’s aura, doing a reading, or similar. It’s also connected with prosperity,fertility, purrification, success, strength, health & healing, as well as clean breaks, new beginnings, and the alleviation of guilt[2]. Good for house and business blessings. 🙂
Fennel: Fennel helps bring inspiration[3] and to dissolve blockages to creativity (this is the main reason why I got it). It’s also associated with fire, longevity, courage, vitality, protection, healing, and strength. Can help prevent possession as well (so I hear), so it might be a good one to have on hand if you’re going Wandering, but not something to bring into play if you’re looking to channel/aspect/horse for someone in particular.
Birch: Birch is connected with water, protection, purification, courage, determination, beauty, grace, opportunity, and new beginnings. I’ve used it to help with psychic awareness and opening up to the spirit world, for whatever that’s worth. It’s also associated with Frigga, Venus, possibly Freja (I’m getting conflicting information on this one), Misha, and a number of other Goddesses.
Normally, when I put birch in a bath, I use crumbled birch leaves (originally brought home by my wife and dried on our then-balcony), but in the interests of being able to to (A) keep the tub clean, and (B) incorportate birch’s properties into soaps and salves, I’ve invested in some essential oil.
Meliad the Birch Maiden
[1] I’m looking to invest in some yarrow essential oil to add to this. “Soldier’s Woundwort” being known for its healing and antiseptic properties.
[2] I wonder if it would work for exorcising shame… Maybe combine it with lavender (forgiveness, healing and purification), jasmin or ylang ylang (for confidence), and rose water (roses are good for all things lovey, including self-acceptance) or pink rose petals. Thoughts?
[3] Bay, cinnamon, clove, rosemary, vanilla, fir, and sage will also promote inspiration that leads to creative action. Good to know. 🙂