Daily Archives: February 25, 2013

Full Moon – Ice Moon Crests

Ice Moon is full today – not that you can tell, given the cloud-cover. Right now, it’s so warm that it’s raining (not freezing rain, either, just rain). I’m writing this while watching the run-off come cascading down from the roof. I’m wondering what the ground will be like tonight, when the temperature drops. :-\
I’ve got some big things happening – not to me specifically, but that I’m involved with – in the next 24 hours and, again, in the next couple of weeks (when the next new moon rolls around, I’ll be neck deep in VERSeFest, for example). I’ve restocked my home-use candles, and have a buyer lined up for three dozen 1oz beeswax tea lights in foil cups. I’ve also got a new skirt pinned together on my dressmaker’s dummy (a casual purple fishtail thing made out of some kind of cotton-esque knit that my wife found for me at VV).
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