Full Moon – Ice Moon Crests

Ice Moon is full today – not that you can tell, given the cloud-cover. Right now, it’s so warm that it’s raining (not freezing rain, either, just rain). I’m writing this while watching the run-off come cascading down from the roof. I’m wondering what the ground will be like tonight, when the temperature drops. :-\
I’ve got some big things happening – not to me specifically, but that I’m involved with – in the next 24 hours and, again, in the next couple of weeks (when the next new moon rolls around, I’ll be neck deep in VERSeFest, for example). I’ve restocked my home-use candles, and have a buyer lined up for three dozen 1oz beeswax tea lights in foil cups. I’ve also got a new skirt pinned together on my dressmaker’s dummy (a casual purple fishtail thing made out of some kind of cotton-esque knit that my wife found for me at VV).

My “salon” went well – although I haven’t written up anything about it (when I do, it’ll wind up posted on Syrens) – and I’m looking forward to a one-on-one chat on the same subject, coming up in a couple of days. I’m continuing to “walk my talk” as much as possible, part of which is not saying “Yes” to things I know I’m not going to do[1].
As far as treating Ice Moon as an opportunity for both self-care and community investment… It seems to be working, although largely not because of anything I’ve been deliberately seeking out. The Rainbow Youth Forum (originally scheduled for back in November) is tomorrow – community engagement. I’ve started swimming at a local pool once or twice a week – because a friend of mine got in touch, looking for a work-out buddy – which gives me both self-care (health/working out) and community engagement (strengthening ties with my friend). My wife and I have a standing date with a neighbour to have brunch together once a week, alternating her place and ours as a location. A new acquaintance got in touch looking to have the above-mentioned one-on-one chat with me. I’m exploring a new aspect of my modeling career and this has led to my trying to pump up the glamour that I’m using in my day-to-day life.
All in all, I think I’m doing okay on this front, although it’s largely due to other people’s actions (and my reactions) rather than my actively seeking out people to connect with and things to do.
That said, I do still owe someone a follow-up letter, I have a story to finish (due in seven days) and – while I continue to keep up with most of the short-term goals I set for myself back in Snow Moon, I’ve let a couple of them (my Trance-Portation exercises being the biggy) slide for the past few weeks.
I like having these little check-ins with myself. It’s a way to remind myself what I need to pick up again, and where I’m doing fine.
Right now I have to disappear. I’m going for my first check-up in years and I don’t want to be late.
Meliad the Birch Maiden.
[1] Which feels like a bit of a cop-out, I have to admit, but it still stands. If I don’t actually believe I’ll do vocal warm-ups every day, I’m better off committing to doing them once a week during a time when I’ll be particularly attentive to honouring those commitments. So I do vocal warm-ups – and boiling water offerings – while my altar candles are lit because, if I think of them as part of a religious commitment, I will actually get them done[2].
[2] Funny how that works out. It only occurred to me a couple of days ago that my Maia – who handles healing, education, and queerness – probably had something to do with my Rainbow Health Ontario work but, putting it within the context of something one of my gods instigated, gives me one more reason to think of it as something beyond “just” a way of putting food on the table.

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