F is for Fortune-Telling – Pagan Blog Project 2013

So, playing a bit of catch-up this week, but I wanted to talk about a tarot reading I did for a client. Well, “client-ish”. Someone from Etsy but not a for-pay reading.
Now, duh, I’m not going to get into the specifics of the reading. That would be rude, to say the least. Rather, I want to, well, toot my own horn a bit, I guess. I’m really happy with how it turned out, and more than a little chuffed about the bits where I hit the nail on the head.
See, it was a long-distance reading for a stranger – not something I have tonnes of experience with. Usually, when I read, I’m doing it for people who are at least acquaintances and, more often, friends or relatives. People whose current and long-term-historical situations I’m pretty well-versed in. And they are almost always done in-person, meaning that even if I don’t know the person at all (as happens periodically, usually in coffee shops) they can still pick up my deck[1] and do the shuffling themselves. I don’t need to get a beed on them because they do it for me.
This was different.
This was someone whose name I only half-know (first name + online handle & shop name) and, while I did request some information from her (astrological signage), and knew from her bio that she had kids and lived in X town, Y country, Z continent… that was pretty much all I had to go on.
I don’t mind telling you that I smeared on some Unveiled to give myself a bit of a boost. (It was a limited edition, and I was lucky enough to be gifted with a tiny bottle of it, back when it was made, but the shop proprietress might be able to conconct something similar for you, if you’re looking for an oil that (a) makes a nice perfume, and (b) helps you open up to the Otherworld a little more).
I’ve worn Unveiled plenty of times before – often as a perfume, particularly if I’m wanting my perception to be upped just a little bit more than usual. (I tend to alternate it with BPAL’s “Blood Kiss” and an early-formula edition of the Body Shop’s “Vanilla” perfume oil). That said, while it smells good, most of the times I’ve used it for magical purposes have been situations where I couldn’t tell, at the end of it, whether or not the oil had added anything to the experience.
In this case, I think it probably did.
I’ve been reading for six years or so, at this point (not counting my “beginner deck” that I never really jived with, but got about 11 years ago), so it’s not like I doubt my own abilities. But I was still surprised that I was as accurate as I was about things given that I was reading “blind”.
I’m really glad she wrote back to me, to let me know where I’d hit the mark, otherwise I wouldn’t have known for sure if I was just taking guesses in the dark.
I did a double-spread for her – a grand cross and a more elaborate version (I call the Hourglass, but I don’t actually know if it has an official name) of a past-present-future spread – and cross referenced them to each other. Knowing that I’d read her past and present correctly makes me feel like I probably had a good line on her future as well.
Is that why we read into the past when we draw cards for people? So that we can be (more) sure that we’re on the right track?
Anyway. That was my most recent, non-me-centric attempt at fortune-telling. My client was happy with the reading, and so was I. Thanks to Miss Sugar for the Unveiled oil, as I think it helped to up my own skills and tallents.
Meliad the Birch Maiden.
[1] I know that a lot of people don’t let others touch their Working Decks. Me? Not so much. I figure if ever anyone gets my cards in a mess, (a) cardboard doesn’t hold energy the way, say, stone does, and (b) I’ve got salt at home. And eggshells. And cinnamon. And cedar. And rosemary. And can basically clean them up if I need to.
Also, quite frankly, this deck has had starbucks coffee spilled all over it at least once, and it still works fine. I figure if starbucks won’t kill it, nothing will, so there we go. 😉


2 responses to “F is for Fortune-Telling – Pagan Blog Project 2013

  1. Yay! It’s great to have a happy client at the end of a reading, isn’t it? I’m something of the opposite – I find it easier to read long-distance for strangers than in-person for people I know. I think it’s because when there’s SO MUCH backstory I end up second-guessing myself, and trying too much to relate it to what I know about them, instead of just concentrating on what the leaves or cards are saying.

  2. I did my first long-distance reading for a stranger last year. I couldn’t get any feedback from her until she read my notes on the whole reading, whereas when the querent is sitting there with you, they begin to react right away to what you’re saying, so I felt like I was reading into a void. So when she said I was right on the mark and had brought up important things to consider, I was probably more amazed than she was (!).

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