New Moon – Flood/Hunger/Meltwater Moon Begins

I am a good week late with this post, but here goes nothing.
I started writing this is Toronto, a week ago, while attending a staff meeting for my Day Job. I did last week’s candle offerings (no boiling water, though) on the Thursday, before I got on the bus. I ran out of beeswax candles and had to use three of my emergency parafin ones. (They do smell different, as it turns out).
This past week has been a mix of playing catch-up and working on recovering from the two weeks before. Those felt like a marathon. We had non-stop company (or so it felt), and then BAM! I was into a week’s worth of modeling on top of running (ish) a poetry festival. And then the trip to Toronto.

So it’s been busy. The house has been messier than usual – because I’ve been in-and-out more frequently than usual, for more reasons than usual, with just enough time to stop in and exchange one kit bag for another – and I’m only just starting to get it under control now. I have candles – new ones, I made about four-dozen over the past couple of days – burning on my altars, and I’ve done my boiling water offering. I haven’t sung. I have put a lot of books back onto their respective shelves, gathered up my Income Tax stuff (most of it, some it still has to come in), and moved a LOT of paper into the recycling bin. Which means that the place is looking a little less overwhelmed now.
I have company coming tomorrow, around noon, for another Poly and Power salon (I’ve decided to host them roughtly every six weeks, in order to correspond with the quarter and cross-quarter days[1]) so I’ve got some cleaning and prep-work yet to do.
But! This post is about the (not-so) recent New Moon, so let’s get on with that, shall we?
Sometimes this moon gets called Hunger Moon because we’re right into the dregs of last year’s long-keeping crops and the new stuff – the asparagus and fiddleheads, ramps and radishes, nettles and dandelions and such-like – won’t be up for another month or two[1].
Presently, I’m looking at it as Melt-Water Moon – I’ve called it Flood Moon before – because we’ve been getting (a) lots of snow, but also (b) lots of at-or-above-freezing temperatures, which means there’s been a lot of melting going on. It’s that time of year. 🙂
This year, Meltwater/Flood/Hunger Moon has its beginnings in Pisces. I was born under a Picean full moon. It’s a watery moon and, like all watery things, it’s neck-deep in emotional territory. With the ideas of “flood” and “melt” in mind, this is a time to do some necessary boundary-maintanance – beware of the overshare, the tendency to merge and potential for forcethat can come with the increased intimacy and connection that Pisces brings. That said, Meltwater Moon also brings flexibility, a losening-up and the chance for new movement after a long time being ice-bound.
Meltwater Moon is also a time when one’s creative juices start surging. Now is a time to explore new creative outlets, or dedicate some time to those that have been neglected of late.
Personally, I feel like I’ve been neglecting my writing. In spite of having submitted (and had rejected) a story, recently; and having had another one (submitted at the end of last December) accepted into the charity anthology I sent it out to. there are changes afoot in terms of where I’m focusing my creative energies (hint –> more towards myself, which I think is needed at present) and I’m trying to find my balance with them. I’m hoping that they’re changes for the better but… no guarantees? I do think I’ll be happier and less stressed when I’ve made them, though, so that’s bound to be a good thing.
I’ve taken up swimming, in a leisurely sort of fashion, with a friend of mine in the neighbourhood. So I’m doing more swimming than yoga of late (though I’m still turning to yoga for my back). I’m starting to consider (again) getting a membership at my local community-centre gym. Something that would let me use the pool and the weight room, if nothing else. My back has been hurting for going on three months – not long in the span of things, but long enough that I’m starting to get a little worried about it. I can’t help thinking that, if I Worked My Core a little more, I might strain my back less. Although this probably has more to do with sleeping conditions and old furniture than physical activity. I still don’t think it would be a bad thing for me to do.
Beyond that, Melt-Water Moon is a good time to replenish one’s creative well (if I can take a page from Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way books): As the weather warms up, and the snow and ice run-off swells the rivers, so too can we get outside, get moving, and feed our inner springs with experiences that will (eventually) lead to artistic inspiration.
Yes. With that in mind, I think I will take a walk and maybe do some people-watching. 🙂
Meliad the Birch Maiden.
[1] As laid out in the Wiccan calendar.
[2] Although there are hothouse peppers and cukes from southern Ontario available now.


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